European Tour…:
We’ve gotten many requests to come to Europe again, and this next year we are going to make it happen. We have a booking agent and I know they will do a great job, but we’d like to hear from you if you’d like us to come to your country and play shoot us an email here: We also have Japan and Australia on the short list for next year too, and if you can help in those countries get a hold of us….but specifically for now: Europe. If you would like to throw a show in your town let us know, or if you know where we need to be playing or with whom shoot us an email. TV, radio, blogs, etc…..let us know and we will try our hardest to work it all in. Right now we are shooting for April 2011 for that tour and we are starting to book for it right now.
US Tour…:
We have done one heck of a tour this year on the Wooden Hearts Tour, and we have only a few to go. Thank you all so much for choosing to come out and hang with us and see our show. We really appreciate it. We’ve been all over the US mostly twice and some of Canada too. We’ve gotten a ton of requests to come back to all the places we have already been and we are looking at our maps and calendars for next years tour-cation. We’ve had so many nice people who have found out about us from Dan being on The Chariot album that I think we’ll have to go back to all the cities we were just at and play more shows in 2011. We can’t wait!! We always try and go to the places where we are wanted first and if you think you could or would like to throw a show for the band Listener in one way or another in 2011 please email us here: We are down to play all kinds of shows from house shows to whatever you have in mind.
I found more Christmas Albums in Nate’s attic before this tour started out so that’s always positive. I will be able to get one more shipment of souvenirs from the online store out next monday if you are interested in having those things for the holidays. You can go here for that:

Christin Nelson (solo project)
Twitter (Listener)
Twitter (Dan Smith)
Twitter (Christin Nelson)
The Website

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years with the people and animals you love. We love you, and we appreciate your lives. Thank You for everything you are.


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