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Question: What does a metalcore band with members from Children 18:3, Planet Earth and Take Cover sound like? Answer: Like any other metalcore band.

It’s always interesting to see established musicians taking on different genres. Sometimes the results are awful (look up “Chris Gaines”), but more often the results are average. Putting aside the fact that Lessons includes members of multiple non-metalcore acts, the band isn’t any different from the ocean of other metalcore bands. Their debut EP, Five Points, is full of breakdowns, screamed vocals apart from the occasional gang vocals and mildly encouraging lyrics. It’s so hardcore that the line “Rise above” is even used in a song.

Musically, Lessons’ strongest moments come from Seth Hostetter’s intense drumming. Anyone who has seen Children 18:3 live knows that Seth is a talented drummer that can play more than a simple pop-punk beat. He not only meets the metalcore drumming expectations; he exceeds them.

While there isn’t anything else noteworthy about the EP, it’s clear that the band is around because they want to have fun playing a genre they wouldn’t usually get to play. They aren’t cutting-edge, unique or overly technical, but they certainly are enjoying themselves and playing well enough to keep your attention.


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