Good News! Kekal is NOT dead, and it is proven that new songs are currently in the production.

After speculations about the current status of Kekal following the departures of all band members last year, it is confirmed that a new Kekal studio album is planned for 2010.

The new album will be some sort of ‘collective effort’. It means that all 3 former key members (Jeff, Azhar Levi and Leo) have contributed in making ‘the whole art-form in one package’, while not limited only on the music side. Levi is currently making the entire artwork for the album and Jeff is producing the music. 2 songs will also have Leo’s guitar works.

About the album direction, Jeff told that each song displays its unique character as a balance between electronic and organic elements, rhythm and melody, aggression and atmosphere, simplicity and complexity, beauty and the beast. Confirmed instruments being used on recording are: electric & guitars, drums, samples from field-recordings, theremin, analog synths, vocals, vocoder, and TR-808.

The album will redefine the term ‘experimental’ in its true sense, but yet listeners will find it accessible and digestible.

Kekal is currently looking for a potential record label to release the album on CD and digital later this year. More details including track listing and album title will be announced in the coming months.

However, there is no plan for Jeff, Levi and Leo to rejoin Kekal. Kekal will stay member-less.

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