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Iron and Wine is one of those amazing artists that share his faith in his music in a way where he gets to play his songs on national TV shows like The Jimmy Fallon Show. His new record Ghost on Ghost is no exception. Singer-songwriter Samuel Beam, better known by his stage moniker, just knows how to capture that classic ’70s folk sound.

There has been some bad stuff said about this record, claiming Ghost on Ghost is just rehashed music from an era that did it first and did it better.

I don’t care. There are not a lot of people doing amazing music like this with Christian undertones, and Beam is one of them. This record is one of those road trip records, the one you make memories with when you’re out in the country with your friends or your lovers. It’s not that any particular song stands out, it’s that the record as a whole is full of amazing songs you will be listening to for the long term. The only thing that could stop it is itself—when Iron and Wine decides to put out another record.



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