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We Are Shipwrecks has a radio-friendly rock vibe that is covered by smooth female vocals, conveying strength and confidence. It flirts with edgy by adding a dash of distortion sprinkled over a taste of crunchy bass, but holds back enough to keep the more conservative music lovers from feeling like it’s too intense for them to handle.

Ilia’s melodies are catchy with choruses that tend to stick in the mind. With their even tempos and clear vocals, these songs invite the listener to sing along. While I enjoy the overall sound, the riffs sometimes feel repetitive and shoved to the front of the mix as if to say, “Here I am! Pay attention to me!” Some of the backing vocals have been overemphasized. And while they don’t necessarily make me dislike any particular song, as a whole, they do have me skipping some of the tracks in favor of others.

The lyrics focus largely on hope and boldness under God’s guidance. The title track speaks of us as “the rescued ones” while assuring that “we are safe on the shores of forever.” “Reaching” adds a measure of humanity by wondering, “Then why do I feel so alone if I am yours?” but even this lament conveys a sense of hope. Perhaps my favorite lines come in “We Will Rise,” sending up the supplication, “Oh / Anoint us / Lord / To speak only Your truth.”

While these songs don’t have the type of intensity that gets my blood pumping, they are the type I might play when in need of something encouraging, reassuring or simply upbeat while milling about the house.



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