After weeks of seeming silence, the IAAAO guys speak up:

These last couple months have been a confusing and difficult time of learning. We will do our very best to keep this short, while doing our best of explaining why things have taken so long.

When we initially delayed the release of the record, it was because a label had showed tremendous interest in working with us and releasing “The Roar And The Whisper”. We were given a contract, but the contract didn’t have enough substance for us to be able to move forward. We began negotiating, meanwhile a second label approached us. At this point the talks went back and forth for a time, while you all sat and waited. During this time, because of the nature of contracts and negotiating, we were unable to say virtually anything, hoping it would be resolve quickly.

Last week, one of those labels mistakenly released the record digitally to a few outlets, without any contract in place. We are currently working the issue out with them. After these setbacks, we prayed and discussed the situation. It’s come to a point where we do not want to continue this process, with this record. We are told it could take much longer, and you would have to continue to wait. You’ve waited long enough.

This was new for us, and we didn’t expect for it all to take so much time, nor did we expect so much… uncertainty. We sincerely apologize to all of you.

To anyone who is reading this, thank you. Thank you for sticking this out with us. Thank you for pre-ordering, coming to a show, sending us a message. You all have met us with a tremendous amount of grace and patience that can only be explained by a loving Father above.

Now on to the positive:

1. We will be sending out pre-order packages on September 3rd.

2. The official national release date for the album is September 5th 2010. We are proud and blessed to be releasing this on Come and Live, who have been our family for over 18 months now. We will be offering two songs from the record for free on in the next few days, stay tuned to C&L for more info. We will also have physical copies of the new record at our show at the Revelation Generation Festival in Frenchtown,NJ on the 5th.

3. The drawings for the prizes will be taking place on Wednesday, August 25th 7pm EST live on Stickam, we can’t wait to give away the prizes and hang out with all of you!

4. There will be more information and news regarding the record, please keep tuned for more stuff coming!

In Christ,

The IAAAO Boys.

Read more: here.


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