“sizzling pop-punk/pop-rock heat that decimates everything left in its wake” –Absolute Punk 2009

It’s been a busy year for House Of Heroes with the release The End Is Not The End CD followed by two EP releases The Acoustic End and House Of Heroes Meets The Beatles as well as non-stop touring, and it’s not over as the band is looking to end the year with a bang with the release of their first holiday EP on November 10 as well they will be embarking on the biggest traveling Christmas party to date “The Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant Tour” with special guest Remedy Drive kicking off on November 28 for a 3 week trek.  With a holiday themed backdrop adorning the stage you can expect this to be a Christmas party like no other.

“We had a blast making the Silent Night single last year and it was fun to go in and make a full EP of Christmas tunes. To make things even better, we’re going to be doing a Christmas tour with some of our very best friends in Family Force 5! What a great way to close out the year!” Says frontman Tim Skipper

House Of Heroes is –
Tim Skipper -lead vocals, guitar
Colin Rigsby – drums, backing vocals
AJ Babcock – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jared Rigsby- guitar, backing vocals

“It has been a very busy year for us. It’s nice to feel like the band is our job again after a few years of writing, recording, and limited touring. We’ve been on the road a lot supporting a full length and 2 EP’s that we’ve released so far this year. We want to keep that momentum going so we’ve been writing a lot lately and can’t wait to get back in the studio for another full length!” – Says Skipper.

The band can currently be found heating up stages on the SuperBigTime American Concert Tour with The Wedding and label mates Abandon Kansas.   See them live: With The Wedding and Abandon Kansas

Sept. 3o           Plaza Theatre             Orlando, FL
Oct. 1              Murray Hill Theatre   Jacksonville, FL
Oct. 2              Gallery 13                   Columbus, GA
Oct. 3              The Fish Music Hall   McCalla, AL
Oct. 4              The Furnished            Montgomery, AL
Oct. 6              Cafe Chi Alpha           Lafayette, LA
Oct. 9              The Core                     Houston, TX
Oct. 10            The Door                     Plano, TX
Oct. 11             I Love Evelyn             Texarkana, TX

The first annual Christmas Pageant Tour with Family Force 5 and Remedy Drive

Nov. 28           Resurrection Church Grand Rapids, MI

Nov. 29           The Chapel                             Grayslike, IL

Nov. 30           Chalfant Hall at ONU           Kankakee, IL

Dec. 3              The gather ing Place               Indianapolis, IN

Dec. 4              The Underground                  Cincinnati, OH

Dec. 5              Rocketown                             Nashville, TN

Dec. 6              Hope Church                          Memphis, TN

Dec. 8              Church @Rock Creek            Little Rock, AR

Dec. 10        Bricktown Event Center        Oklahoma City, OK

Dec. 11            Celebration Church                Georgetown, TX

Dec. 12            Pasadena Convention Center Houston, TX

Dec. 13            TriPoint                                    San Antonio, TX

Dec. 15            Plaza Theater                          Orlando, FL

Dec. 16            Murray Hill Theater               Jacksonville, FL

For up-to-date information check out:
www.myspace.com/houseofheroes www.gotee.com

Follow them at twitter.com/HouseOfHeroes


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