I Used to Be So Young

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The Homeless Gospel Choir

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I immediately loved The Homeless Gospel Choir when I saw them at the last-ever Cornerstone Festival. The band (the stage name for Derek Zanetti) has a way with words that makes you step back in critical self-reflection. I Used to Be So Young is no different, with the driving point, sung many times in many places on the record: “Jesus Christ didn’t die for you to be an asshole.” This record is musically so diverse, from acoustic tracks (like “Armageddon”, a song about someone preparing for the apocalypse) to songs like “Untitled,” sung in the form of a letter to a friend. There are punk tracks like “Some People,” the album’s highlight, about the attitude of most right-wing Christians (or is it Christians in general?).

It truly shows a number of sides of The Homeless Gospel Choir, speaking also on musical preference, politics, aging and even shopping on Black Friday. It’s convicting, and a must listen for all fans of music.


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