Today, HM is proud to premiere the new music video for “Before I Wake,” the latest single from Vitruvia. The track comes from the band’s 2020 EP, Broken World, an apt title for the year in which it was released. Humans are plagued with a literal virus and, in those same uncertain times, mental health is ruptured giving the Pennsylvania-based band the inspiration to tackle that fight head-on.

We spoke with guitarist and vocalist Dana Hinnershitz about the track.

“‘Fight the hell that lies inside your mind…’ Mental health is no game in today’s society, but it is one of the least talked about subjects we tend to face. We all need to know we are not alone.”

Vitruvia is characterized as a dynamic, hard-hitting, and inspirational post-hardcore band that leans on punk, metal, alternative, and progressive rock, to create their sound. Importantly, they embrace a band mantra of sharing the human burden through perseverance and strength when faced with life’s darkest times.



Droning On

The world came to a halt in 2020, but London-based Drones trudged on, giving a voice to the hurt that circulates with (or without) a pandemic: "You shouldn’t underestimate the power of writing things down or literally speaking them out loud, which I’m learning. I’m glad I made these songs, no matter how personal they are."


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