Alt-rock band Keys and Corridors is proud to premiere the new music video for their track, “One Hundred,” today on HM. The Akron, OH-based trio combines guitar-driven instrumentation and soaring female vocals for a sound fans of Paramore and Anberlin would recognize.

Tracked by Nick Ingram from Capital House Studio and mixed and mastered by Kirk Teachout, the song was one of the most honest the band has ever written. “The music video was an incredible way to convey the emotions we put in to the song,” vocalist Kaylene Widdoes said to us. “We were able to film in a beautiful church, and the imagery we got from the stained glass throughout the day truly brought the heart of the song.”

We also spoke with guitarist Lauren Seveney about the song and how it came together:

“It’s incredible how organic this song came to us as a band. I don’t think I’ve ever just sat down at a piano and let my hurt be so vulnerably expressed. I was immensely privileged to know my grandmother for 23 years of my life, and she was such an integral part in shaping who I am. This song, I think, expresses both the joy of knowing and loving someone, and the pain in learning how to say goodbye. We also wanted to honor her memory in her faith, which is why we chose to bring church imagery in both the lyrics and video presentation. She was faithful even to the end, by far one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I hope I made her proud.”

The band already has an EP available now. If you’re in the Akron area, the band has a show on July 29 at Musica.


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