Today, HM is proud to premiere the new single from Skald in Veum, “Eden Raped.” The Scandinavian black metalheads remain shrouded in mystery, appearing on the scene as far back as 1998 with credits on Crimson Moonlight’s EP, Eternal Emperor, before taking a hiatus until 2007. Since then, the band has only released an EP last year, 1260 Days, from which the single comes. We spoke with the band about the new single, and they remained as enigmatic as ever. “Face the music. Judgment will come,” Vocalist Mund said. Following, guitarist Zhajiin was equally blunt:

“It was, it is, and it shall come to pass. Lift your eyes; the fields are red with blood.”

“Dread the vision, be swept away by its sound track. Some art is created, some is born,” guitarist Resh told us. The band’s mission is “baptism of the masses by intense and relentless metal, cutting through the hordes of the less-than-Holy with a keenly honed metallic blade forged in the frostiest and most barren winters Earth has to offer, yet ablaze with unbridled passion and unrelenting energy.”


Top 25 Albums of 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

When the going gets tough, artists create art. Despite a world reckoning outside our quarantined doors, musicians relentlessly created new music giving birth to genre-defining releases and, despite a year spent indoors, a marked 2020 full of passion and fervor. Here are our Top 25 albums of 2020.


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