Blessing a Curse 2019

Today, HM is proud to premiere “Rat Race,” the newest single and music video from Blessing a Curse. The song comes from the band’s upcoming release, Waste, hitting stores and streams in late March.

Coming off tour, the band spent the better part of 2018 recording the sophomore release, produced by Stephan Hawkes (Attila, Jonny Craig, Chelsea Grin) at Interlace Audio in Portland, OR. “Rat Race” tackles the lose sense of purpose we experience in the mundanity of our day-to-day lives. “At one point or another in our lives,” Blessing a Curse vocalise Joshy Singer said, “I think we’ve all felt like a lab rat, lost in an endless maze where literally nothing goes your way, like some part of an infinitely minuscule cosmic experiment for the powers-that-be to laugh at.”

Singer went on to encourage:

“Sometimes, the only reassuring thing we can tell ourselves is that it’s all part of the struggle to get to where we want to be. And, even when you feel lost, you’ve just got to keep pushing forward until things make sense.”

– Vocalist Joshy Singer

If you dig it, preorders are available via Smartpunk Records.

The Orlando, FL-based metal band was founded in 2013, releasing the EP Somewhere in Between it All the following year. It caught the attention of Smartpunk Records and released their debut full length, Satisfaction for the Vengeful, in 2016 with the label.

On the album, the eponymous track was written about the struggle with becoming engulfed in worry, stress, anxiety, and tension and the fallout among those you hold close. It ended up becoming the ideology behind the release itself. “It is during those moments of weakness,” Singer said, “a unique sense of clarity appears to show you that, through determination in the face of complete hopelessness and uncertainty, one can surpass it all.”


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