Halogen TV has signed a multi-year agreement with Red Bull Media House North America (RBMH) for the acquisition of compelling sports, culture and lifestyle programming. The announcement was made by Becky Henderson, GM and Founder of Halogen TV. Content is scheduled to debut on Halogen TV beginning this fall. In addition to television content, the partnership includes cross platform marketing activities.

“The Halogen TV/Red Bull Media House partnership is a perfect fit,” Henderson said.  “Both brands seek to inspire and empower through content that entertains and motivates.  We champion the stories of people who want to make the world a better place to live by pursuing their purpose and passion.  Together, through television and social media interaction, our media brands foster greater awareness in the global community.”

“We are pumped about this content,” said Marshall Nord, Halogen SVP Programming, who negotiated the agreement with Jonathan Stern, Director of Business Affairs & Partnerships at Red Bull Media House North America. “It’s premium in every way; from production quality to scenic imagery to storytelling – these shows are phenomenal. They encompass the most breathtaking scenery, visually stunning action and tell the most amazing personal stories.”

Content Halogen TV has acquired from Red Bull Media House North America includes the following:


World-class athletes pair with the ultimate filmmakers in Hollywood story telling: Pulitzer Prize-nominee and Hollywood screenwriter Stephen Schiff (Wall Street, Lolita, True Crime) teams up with the action-sports wizards from Red Bull Media House and Matchstick Productions to ask the ultimate question: Why do these athletes do what they do? Chris Davenport, Antoine Montant, Hervé Cerutti, Steve Fisher and other action sports legends join forces with cameramen greats like Scott Gaffney, Dustin Lindgren and Guillaume Tessier to explore the fine line between extreme sport, philosophy and art. Directed by Murray Wais and Steve Winter, this cinematic quest takes viewers from the Rocky Mountains to Morocco, from Bolivia to China, and from Thailand to Norway with breathtaking stories.


Breakdance is a street sport – and for breakdancing greats known as “B-Boys,” it’s a way to express their feelings and deal with what is often a tough way of life. The focus of this six-part series is on three breakdance heroes about to make important decisions. Lilou lives in France and feels he owes Algeria, his home country, a third title as World Champion. Roxrite, the breakdance legend from San Diego, wants to pass his skills on to the next generation. Neguin’s performance integrates fight moves from Brazilian Capoeira. Despite his grief for his dead brother, he intends to defend his title. Three exceptional breakdancers are united in the same attitude about their sport – and believe in the same values – respect, friendship and staying true to their roots – even if each one of them has a different vision of his future.


Bouncing Cats is the inspiring documentary of one man’s attempt to use the power of hip-hop for positive social change in Uganda. Narrated by Common, one of the purest emcees in hip-hop, the documentary features interviews with Will.I.Am, and K’Naan. The story follows Crazy Legs of the Rock Steady Crew and B-Boy Abramz from Breakdance Project Uganda on a journey to unify, empower and inspire youth of a war torn region.


Emotional, intense, and riveting. Just a few words that describe “20 Seconds of Joy,” Jens Hoffmann’s award-winning documentary offers insights into the life, fears and career of female B.A.S.E. jumper and free skier Karina Hollekim. Five years in the making, this project captures the supercharged highs associated with extreme sports while simultaneously offering audiences a candid glimpse of the daily thoughts and often complex psychology that drives Karina to push herself ever further, and sheds a light on the question of why anyone would risk it all for a brief but intense thrill.


About Halogen TV

Halogen is the first and only television network focused on socially-conscious entertainment featuring reality-based series, documentaries and films. Our 24-hour schedule highlights humanitarian, eco-friendly, and pop culture programming. Supported by an aggressive online, mobile and social media strategy, Halogen inspires our viewers to make a difference in their community – and their world. Halogen TV – Be The Change.

About Red Bull Media House

Red Bull Media House is a global media company that creates compelling sports, culture and lifestyle programming and distributes it across multiple platforms.  From film to television, print to digital and games, Red Bull Media House content is optimized for any device or platform.  For more information go to www.redbullmediahouse.com.


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