The following statement on the recent release of the new HAIL A CAB™ app is attributed to Ed Kargbo, President of Yellow Cab Austin:

With just two taps on a passenger’s smartphone or wireless tablet, Yellow Cab Austin and MTData are making it easier and faster to get a dependable cab through the free-to-download HAIL A CAB™ app. Among other features, this app enables passengers to find a nearby taxi, track progress in real time and schedule a pickup on their mobile devices.

This week, Yellow Cab Austin and MTData announced the launch of their new HAIL A CAB™ app for Apple iOS (iPhone), with a version for Android smartphones to follow. With a number of additional features to come, the HAIL A CAB™ app allows passengers to locate cabs in real-time, hail the nearest cab and schedule future pickups—all with the confidence of knowing the driver holds an official taxi license issued by the city. Unlike other apps that communicate with individual drivers – and often bypass regulations – the HAIL A CAB™ app communicates with the dispatch system of the regulated taxicab company—ensuring a licensed driver and vehicle.

The free app launches this week in Austin, with additional launches planned in Houston, San Antonio and Galveston in the near future. The app’s development and launch marks the continued transformation of mobile technology towards the modernization and delivery of real-world services via smartphone. A recent study revealed that there are 91.4 million smartphone users in the United States, 89 percent of whom use their phones throughout the day. Merge these statistics with the almost 2.5 million Yellow Cab fares annually in Austin alone, and the HAIL A CAB™ app is a natural extension of service.

“The app affords the consumer more control in the palm of their hand,” said Ed Kargbo, President of the Greater Austin Transportation Company (which owns Yellow Cab Austin). “A passenger can order a cab, confirm their location and monitor the progress of their request up to the moment they enter the vehicle—all with their own smart phone.”

Members of the media are welcome and encouraged to schedule a brief working demonstration of the app. HAIL A CAB™ is a product of Hail A Cab, Inc, a subsidiary of Texas Taxi, Inc., an industry-leading cab company providing 24/7 dispatch services

through subsidiaries to the Greater Houston, Austin, Galveston and San Antonio areas. With HAIL A CAB™, the passenger is getting a cab inspected and licensed for safety, driven by a fully licensed cab driver in a clean and comfortable sedan or minivan. All cabs are equipped with digital security cameras as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS). For more information, visit


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