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Gungor is continuing to earn praise with their live performance of songs from their latest brainchild Beautiful Things. Most recently, the band’s performances at the “Catalyst” conference attended by thousands in Atlanta, as well as “David Crowder*Band’s Fantastical Church Music Conference” held in Waco, TX caused their album to spike to No. 2 on the iTunes ® Christian and Gospel Album Chart.

In the midst of their live performance success, Worship Leader magazine had the below to say about Beautiful Things, making it their No. 1 music release of 2010 in their Oct. issue on newsstands now.

“When deciding our favorite release of the year, there are quite a few things one must take into consideration. Accessibility, intended audience, intended musical effect, creativity, grandeur of scope, believability in an authentic connection to a spirit of worship. Mostly though, there has to be a clear, satisfying declaration of the overpowering kingship of God, our God who is redeeming this world and redeeming our lives though the direction of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit who directs us to the completed work of our Savior, Jesus Christ. And all of this must be couched in creativity…. The answer for 2009-2010 is Gungor’s Beautiful Things…”

Worship Leader magazine also applauded the band’s music video for “The Earth is Yours” naming it a top resource of the year. See the latest music video from Gungor, “The Earth is Yours,” at http://www.gungormusic.com/pages/media.html

The single “Beautiful Things” will also be serviced to a select group of radio stations throughout the country at the end of Oct. The song will follow-up the radio airplay received for Gungor’s Ancient Skies.

Gungor will be continuing to play dates across the country throughout the end of the year, and into early 2011. To see the most up to date concert schedule, visit http://www.gungormusic.com/pages/datesandtimes.html.

The band’s 2008 debut on Brash Music, Ancient Skies, garnered critical acclaim. Beautiful Things (BRASH) is the band’s sophomore release, and the third CD release for Michael Gungor.
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