Frontline Records Rewind podcast to launch Labor Day weekend

Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome hosts one-hour program of music and commentary

Frontline Records has announced the first in a series of podcasts that includes Christian music from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s.  Host, Brian Healy, known as the father of Christian Goth and a pioneer of alternative music, brings unique and light commentary.  As founder of Dead Artist Syndrome, he licensed recordings to several labels, including Frontline.

The one-hour program is recorded on a dairy farm in Ontario California with executive producer, Adel Meisenheimer (Meis Music Group president) and engineer, Scotty Z.  It is fun and light and mostly rock. Brian Healy, producer and award-winning artist and radio DJ, takes credit for the idea of the Rewind podcasts.  “I’m recovering from brain surgery and need to keep busy.  These episodes include music and interviews by some of my dear friends so this is very therapeutic.  And there is nothing more exciting than to cull the vault of some of the very best music that was released and ignored by an industry that was moving toward safe main-stream pop.  I also love the fact that I can help people re-discover gold that has already been mined.  The purpose of the program is for nostalgia, re-exploration and introduction with the artist and industry insiders who made it possible.  It is entertainment for new and veteran listeners alike.”

Episode 1 features music from “America Rocks” collection that ranges from rock (Bloodgood, Poor Old Lu, Liaison) and metal (Every Day Life) to alternative (The Lost Dogs, D.A.S.), ska (The Insyderz) and punk (American Made). The common thread of looking at America and reflecting a poignant social awareness that challenges the listener ties it together.  Perfect for Labor Day weekend airing August 31st.

Episode 2, with music from “Rockin’ Summer”, is available to air on September 7th as we say goodbye to summer and head back to school. Jacob’s Trouble, Swirling Eddies, Angelica, Life Savers and others pour out upbeat music that transports us to this fun season.  Future programs will be released every two weeks.

Frontline Records Rewind podcast episodes can be heard on the new website: and are available to broadcasters and bloggers with non-downloadable format at no charge.  Those interested in securing a copy for guest podcast can email


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