Metal phenoms FIT FOR A KING sign with Solid State Records

Video for fan favorite ‘Descendants’ out today

Solid State Records is pleased to announce the addition of surging Texas metal buzz band FIT FOR A KING to its growing roster of trendsetting acts.

The hotly tipped metalcore band has been elbowing its way onto the national scene as a full-time touring outfit, cultivating fans at an alarming clip with a crushingly heavy, artful take on the genre that gives subtle tips of the hat to bands as diverse as THE ACACIA STRAIN, CIRCA SURVIVE and LINKIN PARK. The band’s passionate music, coupled with an explosive live show, has made FIT FOR A KING a sensation in the independent music scene, as evidenced by the 600,000+ fans who viewed their debut video on YouTube.

To tide over that army of devotees until their Solid State debut is ready for release, FIT FOR A KING are unveiling a new video today for fan favorite track “Descendants.” Shot primarily in an Oklahoma City venue while the band was on tour with ICE NINE KILLS, the video captures FIT FOR A KING in all of their raging, kinetic glory.

“‘Descendants’ is a good introduction to FFAK because it’s energetic and in your face. It is one of our heaviest songs but it has a lot of groove,” explains guitarist Justin Hamra. We shot most of the video during the show, and then worked until about 2 am getting single shots, and then had a 12 hour drive the following day to make it to the next show in Tennessee.” All in a day’s work for one of the underground metal scene’s most buzzing bands.

Watch the ‘Descendants’ Video’ Now:
After a few years of relentless DIY touring and one well-received, independently released  album,
FIT FOR A KING are finally reaping the benefits of their hard work. In September, the  band will
head into the studio with esteemed producer Andreas Magnusson (OH, SLEEPER, HASTE THE DAY, BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) to record its debut album, due out in early 2013 on Solid State Records. It is at once the fulfillment of a longtime dream for FIT FOR A KING, and just the first step in what is sure to sure to be an incredible journey for a band with massive potential.

“Words cannot even express how excited we are to join the Solid State family,” Hamra says. “We grew up listening to Solid State bands and we always talked about being on the label and how amazing it would be. And for it to actually happen is one the best feelings we’ve had as a band.”

“For us to be signed to this label is a massive step for this band,” he adds. “We’ve been waiting and holding off on labels for so long until we felt we had the right one. Our mission is just to work hard and put out music that we are proud of and that people want to listen to. We know we are all sent by God to do what we are doing in this band and we want to do our best to make every effort to be the best we can be.”

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