Fueled by both ferocity and faith, Fit For a King bring a message and versatility to their music. The band deliver an intense, driving metallic crunch rivaled by bands like Impending Doom and As I Lay Dying that are broken up by well placed ambient textures and spacey sections that bands like Circa Survive thrive on.   Speaking on their upcoming full-length Descendants, vocalist Ryan Kirby says “the album title refers to Revelations 21, where after the loss of The Garden Of Eden, the holy city, Jerusalem was created by God he offered the believers eternal life as his children while Satan delivered a lake of fire to those who disbelieved.  A few of the songs deal with spiritual death but there is also a lot of hope in our message.  We have strong beliefs and consider ourselves more of a ministry than a band but we don’t condemn anyone for having a different view, we just are happy to spread our message to those who will listen.”

Originating from Tyler TX (Ft Worth/Dallas area) the band is currently made up of Kirby, Justin Hamra, Bobby Lynge, Jared Easterling and Aaron Decur.  Originally forming in 2007 the band previously released two EP’s (s/t 2008) and (Awaken The Vesper 2009) which spread far a wide (the latter EP selling over 3,000 copies online!).  On Descendants which was produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Cameron Mizell (I See Stars, Sleeping with Sirens), the band woodshedded their earlier passion with a more mature and developed writing style.  Speaking on the songwriting Kirby says “Since our last release Bobby (Lynge) joined our guitar and it brought a new depth to our songwriting.  We also experimented more with the electronic/ambient element in our sound, using backing tracks in our live shows as well.”

The proof is in songs like Ancient Waters which is the band’s personal favorite.   Hamra says “We really feel like that song captures the balance in our sound of the ambient and the heavy perfectly.  In the song the water represents sin. The song is about trying to keep from drowning in the water and avoiding spiritual death.”  The band recently shot a video for the song which also proved a challenge, Hamra recalls “the video process was very tough, after a full day of electrical failures, we had to change locations, so naturally we were all a little frustrated.  After some searching we came across a factory that restored mannequins, so it had creepy mannequins everywhere.  We had a lot of fun shooting and ended up getting all the footage we needed in one day.”

Another highlight from the forthcoming album is the song “The Architect,” which features guest vocals from Matt Mullins of Memphis May Fire (Rise Records).  Kirby says of Mullins “It was great to get Matt on the track.  He’s a friend of the band from our home area.”  Fit For A King will be venturing on their Descendants headlining tour with My Ticket Home and From Atlantis from 9/19-10/14.  Dates and info at:

Here’s a link to the video for “Ancient Waters” which was shot in Texas

They ended up having to scrap the original shoot due to rain and while walking came across this empty warehouse where they restore mannequins, very creepy.



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