Music lovers know the feeling, counting down the minutes until their favorite festival’s line-up is announced. They speculate, hope, pray, and latch on to every rumor that’s posted, waiting for their ultimate line-up to become a reality.

Now the masterminds behind FESTHEADS.com–the most comprehensive road map to North America’s annual musical celebrations–are giving everyone the tools to create their ultimate festival line-up, share with their friends and see what real life festivals most closely resemble their own.

The FESTHEADS.com Festival Builder puts fans in the promoter’s shoes, from naming their show to getting people excited about the line-up–it’s all in their hands. The Festival Builder goes much further than that–virtual promoters face the same challenges they would in the real world. As virtual promoters each must work within a true-to-life budget, creating a realistic line-up with all levels of talent. Festival Builder has over 8,000 artists that range from headliners to supporting acts, within 20 different genres of music. It’s up to the promoter to find the right combination of talent and genre that will get the most hype.

Once the festival line-up is complete, it’s time for the producer to promote their own fantasy festival via their favorite social networks. This allows the producer to garner fans and recognition for their festival and at the same time, fueling the fire within their network of friends to create a bigger, badder fantasy festival.

The FESTHEADS.com Festival Builder is a truly unique online experience that will change the way fans interact with their favorite festivals. Never before have fans been able to search, discover and now even CREATE, their ultimate festival experience in one single location.

With FESTHEADS.com, a new generation of passionate music fans are discovering, comparing, and sharing their ultimate festival experiences.  It also allows industry professionals to compare and contrast the changing festival landscape, to easily review other festival line-ups and to explore what music enthusiasts are saying throughout the festival season.

FESTHEADS.com is redefining how music fans discover, compare, and share their ultimate festival experiences. By leveraging the full power of social media, FESTHEADS.com allows enthusiasts to explore the expanding music festival culture; share their own experiences; and relive (or experience vicariously) the annual treks that festival-goers make all across the country, all for the music. FESTHEADS.com is the first social festival platform that allows fans to connect easily through their networks, connect with festival’s live feeds, and ultimately grow their “tribe.”

Launched by Gingerbread Shed, a technology company with ties to a variety of music festivals throughout North America (including The Voodoo Experience, Country Thunder, Boonstock, Common Ground, Bear Creek and the Cavendish Beach), the FESTHEADS.com site is being developed for music festival veterans and newcomers alike–by music fans who have logged countless hours at music festivals as fans and in behind the scenes roles. The Gingerbread Shed team is made up of “Festival people through and through, with equal parts love for music and technology,” says Jason Kimball, President and CEO of Gingerbread Shed Corporation.



About Gingerbread Shed Corporation:

Gingerbread Shed Corporation, founded in 2007, is based in Tempe, Arizona. In just five seasons, Gingerbread Shed and its Elevate® ticketing platform have grown to serve major music festivals across the U.S. and Canada including The Voodoo Experience, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Country Thunder and Craven Country Jamboree. Gingerbread Shed Corporation is led by Jason Kimball, its Founder and President. Its business-facing website is: www.gingerbreadshed.com.


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