FEAR GOD releases album “God Bless the World, Not Just America”

“God Bless the World, Not Just America” is the first release by FEAR GOD, a solo project from veteran Orange County punker Doug Jutras.  After some severe back injuries and challenges brought about by the punk lifestyle, Doug felt it was time for a change.  He had been on his own since age 13, and years of fast living and drug use had taken its toll.  He felt it was time to find clarity in his life, which now shines through in his music.  His clarity came through Jesus Christ, and through living a life dedicated to serving Him.   FEAR GOD seeks to inspire and give hope to many whom are currently struggling, searching or interested in hearing the possibilities of rising up from their own dark places.  FEAR GOD’s sound reflects its Orange County punk roots, with influences by Social Distortion, TSOL, the Damned, and Call to Glory.   FEAR GOD is assembling a full-fledged band, with new members also sharing their testimony through Christ-inspired music.   Songs to inspire include:

1.  He Forgets
2.  Love God
3.  What Am I Doing Here

4.  Devil’s Mark
5.  Can’t U Be There
6.  Kelly Testimony
7.  God Bless the World
8.  Closer He Gets to You
9.  Dying World

10. Always Be There
11. I Don’t Win
12. Happy Birthday Dad

Total time:  40:30
Music and vocals by Doug Jutras
Recorded at Sound Best Studios.

The video for the song He Forgets can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmwLaN7-mY8&feature=plcp

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