Family Force 5, from Atlanta, GA, familyforce5.com, and Isaac Deitz, tubopopcorn.com are shooting a music video for our new song “ZOMBIE”!

Listen to and LEARN the song here! One of the posters you made might be included in the song video on this link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKPBHyD3DWE&feature=youtu.be

Pre-order “ZOMBIE” on our new EP III.V here: http://store.familyforce5.com/products/iii-v-ep

WE want YOU to be IN the video and we need YOU to back it!


  • WHO? YOU! We want YOU to star as a Zombie in the music video for our new song, “Zombie”! Here’s the deal, peeps. This is Nadaddy and Soul Glow Activatur here on behalf of all of Family Force 5. We have had this Zombie video brainchild stewing for a while and it’s time we go all in and make it happen. We’ve filled whiteboards with brainstormed ideas, scouted locations, written the treatment, and mapped everything out. It’s our dream to have all our friends in an epic and hilarious Zombie party music video with us. Help us make that dream a reality. We’ve hired a team of professional producers and directors to make this video shoot the most incredible “once in a lifetime” monstrous experience. We want to make this new video the best thing we’ve ever done and it’s up to YOU. We have the most die-hard crazy supportive fans–always have, and always will–and we’ve been hyping this Zombie song for a while now. We’ve asked you at shows, on Twitter, and on Facebook if you would want to be in a Zombie video with us, and you’ve answered with a resounding “YES!” Have you always wanted to support Family Force 5? Even more so, have you always dreamed about being in a Family Force 5 music video with Crouton, Soul Glow Activatur, Fatty, Chapstique, and Nadaddy? Your dream just came true. We’re not hiring actors, and we’re not going to audition people. This video stars YOU, and we’re giving some love back to all of our loyal fans! Please make sure you read over this ENTIRE project BEFORE signing up for reward tiers!
  • WHERE? Columbus, Ohio! We’re shooting this in a place where Family Force 5 has always felt overwhelming love and support,  OHHH-HIIIIII–OOOOOO! Y’all know what I’m talking about!
  • WHEN? MAY 12th and 13th 2012, SATURDAY and SUNDAY! Go ahead and cancel your babysitting jobs, take time off work, cancel those family trips, put it in your Google calendar and iCal, and come have the most undead fun you can have with Family Force 5! The shoot will be a night-time shoot Saturday night–yes nighttime, because Zombies love the dark-so make sure you are available. This will be a long night and may go into the early morning hours of the next day so don’t make any plans and get there well rested!  There will be a also be a “Zombie Wrap Celebration Concert” on Sunday night for those of you who sign up for $50 reward tiers and higher! The exact shoot times, meeting locations, parking areas etc. will be disclosed as we get closer to the date of the outbreak!

For more info, go to the kickstarter page.


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