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Fallstar’s Backdraft is metalcore at its heart, but still seamlessly pulls from a myriad of genres—melodic hardcore, punk, rap-rock, electronic—to create an album that’s hard not to like.

Songs like “El Rey,” “It’s In Our Blood,” and “The New World” are layered with a subtle complexity that makes you want to hit repeat. Vocalist Chris Ratzlaff expertly transitions from guttural screams to clean vocals, and the ample use of gang vocals will beg for crowd participation at shows. “Alexandria 363” is definitely the odd track on the album, using chaotic rap/spoken vocals and a hint of electronic sounds, and yet—it works. It shows that Fallstar isn’t afraid to experiment with elements that are not typically found in metalcore.

Favorite song: “Millionaires.” It perfectly showcases Fallstar’s ability to blend genres into an exquisite track. Backdraft is a solid Facedown Records debut release for Fallstar.