Anything but “fair” reviews, Tooth & Nail Records’ Fair releases their sophomore effort, “Disappearing World,” to rave reviews and fan reaction this week.    All-Star producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, Acceptance, Copeland, The Almost, Demon Hunter, Kutless, Jeremy Camp) leads Fair into a positive future with this indie-rock record.  To celebrate the release of “Disappearing World,” Fair is debuting their title-track music video on (  In addition to today’s music video premiere, Fair has posted an in-studio video for “Walking In My Sleep” on the band’s MySpace with more live videos to come.

Already touted as a 2010 Album of the Year contender by some reviewers, Fair has hit the nail on the head with this release. Here are what media outlets are shouting about Fair:

“It’s probably for the best if you pay attention, it’d be a shame if you miss out on one of the best records of 2010.”

“When it gets down to it, Disappearing World is a great pop-rock album to fit any mood. Listening to Fair makes me smile.”


“Fair is a collaboration of seasoned musicians making a dent in this contemporary rock scene the size of a meteor.”


“Excellently done lyrically and musically, Disappearing World is worth the four year wait! With a seemingly excellent job done by Aaron Sprinkle and the rest of Fair, they give us possibly one of the best albums of 2010!” –

“Lightning apparently does strike twice, because the boys of Fair have created yet another near-perfect album that was more than worth the wait.” –

“Disappearing World is a stellar album. Disappearing World is a near perfect album by Fair.”

“What we have here is a polished sound, which is quite the accomplishment for what is only a sophomore album.”


“Disappearing World takes the sound from the debut to a whole new level – creating more solid melodies and memorable vocal performances this time around.  Overall, Disappearing World is a sure highlight in Sprinkle’s already celebrated career.” –

“Hands down a huge step up for the band in every way.”

Fair is Erick Newbill (guitar), Joey Sanchez (drums, percussion) Nick Barber (bass) and Aaron Sprinkle (vocals, guitar).  Fair will be having a hometown CD release show on March 19th at Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA.  Check their MySpace for more details. For more information visit:  Interviews upon request by contacting Lori Mahon.

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