The Water and the Blood

An Album By

Dustin Kensrue

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Last year, Dustin Kensrue announced he was moving north to be a worship leader at Mars Hill Bellevue, just outside Seattle. Earlier this year, Kensrue put out a more ’80s/The Cure/Duran Duran-style worship record under the name The Modern Post. Now, Kensrue is back with a new solo record using his given name. Following up his alt-country record, Please Come Home, Kensrue takes on his new role as a worship leader and turns the music style he previously wrote in Thrice into a contemporary worship record. The record itself is all over with styles. It kicks off with an upbeat song called “Rejoice”; this song could be heard in any suburban mega-church. (I would bet next year some of these songs will be played in churches all over the world.) Upping the beat per minute on a remake of a The Modern Post song, “Grace Alone,” Kensrue turns it from a synth/Cure-style song to more of a song you would hear at a youth church service. If you were hoping the record was going to have a more somber tone that follows the record’s first single, I am sorry to break your heart, but it isn’t that way. In fact, it has some great, uplifting tracks, but as a full record, it is a bit of a letdown. I like it a little more each time I listen to it, but it wasn’t an immediate favorite.