Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Creations threatens to invade the U.S. with their new full-length album The Gospel on Rite Of Passage Records this Aug 30th.  Possessed of filthy toned metallic riffage, furious double kick drumming and brutal but discernable vocals, Creations bring a Pantera and Strife influence into Christian metal-core.  Speaking on the new full-length guitarist James Thorpe says “This album is a lot faster, darker and heavier than our previous material.  The album title, ‘The Gospel’ refers to the good news of reconcilliation to God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in dying for our sins. The album is split into 2 parts; firstly what the Gospel is, and secondly what the Gospel is not.”

Thorpe goes on to explain “The opening track ‘The Wandering, The Call‘, and second track ‘The Wolf, The Clothes‘ encourage listeners to practice discernment in determining what is of God and what is a lie. The bible tells us that there are false teachers and preachers that will try and lead people away from God. These tracks are an encouragement to read the bible and be discerning of what points to Jesus and what does not.”

Having formed in early 2009, Creations is made up of Thorpe, Michael Foss (vocals), Jonny Blackwell (bass), and Blair Gowan (drums).    The band self-released their debut EP Ruined in 2009 and hasn’t sat still much since.  Touring through Australia and The U.S. the band has shared stages with such artistsas In The Midst of Lions, The Crimson Armada,Sovereign Strength, Impending Doom, All Shall Perish,Lionheart, and Sleeping Giant. The band is currently in the U.S on the road with The Great Commission, To Speak of Wolves, and As Hell Retreats. For more information:



The Undertaking 2021

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Frenzied. Chaotic. Punk. The Undertaking!, San Diego's newest wild bunch, is about to release their debut album, and, if their live show is a premonition of any kind, the world will be opening up to one heck of a party with them. Contributing writer Andrew Voigt talks to vocalist Austin Visser about the band's new album, the reality of their music, and how they've been able to embrace their creative freedom.


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