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When Victory Records announced that Conveyer joined their family, the band informed fans they would also be debuting their full-length record, When Given Time to Grow, with the label. This announcement came with a single from the record, “Haven,” and the song alone received rave reviews. It’s a true feat; I’m not sure the band imagined they’d even be around to see a full-length, let alone a major label. A little over a year ago, Conveyer was without a drummer and vocalist. As a response to this predicament, the boys from Minnesota asked their good friends, Indianapolis’ Dan Glover and Danny Adams, to move up to the cold north and join the band (Glover and Adams are members of one of Indiana’s beloved hardcore groups, All Became New.) Since the lineup change, and especially with the addition of these two talented Hoosiers, Conveyer has grown into so much more than a motley hardcore group from the Midwest.

Adams’ unique vocal style, for example, fits Conveyer’s emotional tone and hopeful mood like a glove and brings something new to the table from their former style. “Cage” showcases this, spotlighting his purely worshipful, beautifully painful screams. Conveyer does submit to a particular “melodic hardcore” musical style, an abundance of fast drums mixed with dissonant post-rock style riffs, natural harmonics and power chords are the makeup of pretty much any melodic hardcore song; however, Conveyer executes this flawlessly. Each song on When Given Time to Grow flows with no awkward pauses or, “Okay… now what?” moments, another testament to the band’s songwriting and maturity on this debut. There’s no doubt this album will give heavy music fans of all types something fresh and new to talk about.


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