Spoken - 2020

It’s safe to admit that 2020 and 2021 (thus far) have been devastating to the music industry, impacting the livelihoods of countless bands, venues, crews, and industry pros. In addition to the financial impact COVID-19 has had on the music industry, it has also affected fans who thrive on the interaction at a live show. In the absence of in-person concerts and festivals, we have seen the rise of livestream performances, mostly put on by bands who want to keep playing for their fans in whatever capacity they can manage.

Then Contagionfest happened. You’re probably thinking, “Uh… What?”

Last June, in the heat of the pandemic, Mateo Ottie from Christian Rock X and Cole Tyler from iChristianrock created a strange, unique, and fascinating music one-of-a-kind festival. After reaching 15,000 viewers for the first go-’round, they decided to give it another go. Enter Contagionfest: Phase II, set up to blow the first year’s festival out of the water. Hosted by Trevor Tyson, the two-day festival will have over 30 different bands and artists performing in a livestream event like no other.

And did we mention it’s FREE? Yep. Absolutely free. Here are the details you’ll need to know before the fest:

April 23

  • Decyfer Down
  • Relentless Flood
  • Dens
  • GFM (exclusive world premiere of new song, “Where Were You”)
  • Paradise Now
  • As Lions And Lambs
  • Amongst Wolves
  • Nate Parrish
  • As Strange As Angels
  • For My Epitaph
  • Two Dimensional
  • Searching Serenity
  • The Season
  • Oh Broken Remedy
  • Vitruvia
  • Andrew Stanton of Disciple

Stream Live Here

April 24

  • Matt Baird of Spoken
  • The Protest
  • Amongst The Giants
  • Confessions Of A Traitor
  • AsFireFalls
  • Diamonds To Dust
  • Torndown
  • Aenon
  • I Am The Deceiver
  • Ravenhill
  • Ben S Dixon
  • Defying Death
  • Raviner
  • Dead Set Saints
  • Prevailer
  • Classic Disaster
  • Andrew Stanton of Disciple

Stream Live Here

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