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On the surface, post-hardcore four-piece Conduit appears to be just another heavy band in an over-saturated genre. Instead, the Coventry, U.K. band’s debut full length, Life on Repeat, is a solid album with attention-grabbing vocals, both screamed and sung, often layered over one another to elevate intensity and add to the songwriting style of the band. Although they prove themselves well-versed in the art of post-hardcore, Conduit is at their strongest when they break through with their creative muscle, coming alive on songs like “Others.” That song, for example, incorporates stringed instruments throughout a shifting musical landscape.

The high point of the record, though, is “Pulled from the Water,” working in piano, cymbals and raw hardcore vocals over their crystal-clear clean vocals, building and then soaring, the perfect example of what sets this band apart from similar acts. “We Were Kings” is another highlight; it drips with passion, opening with ambient electronics and drums and using the gang vocal and synth to make it one of the most interesting songs, musically, on the album. As an album of duality (cleans and screams, heavy and soft), Life on Repeat is a compelling listen. A solid album in both music and songwriting throughout, Conduit really shines when they venture into musical territory outside genre conventions. These are the instances where they demonstrate what this band is really capable of, and, hopefully, where they’re going.


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