All Folked Up

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Brandon Michael Williams and Seth Andrew Hecox

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Many hard bands have gone soft in the past. When Strongarm broke up they came back as Further Seems Forever. Brett Detar left Zao to do The Juliana Theory. Members from Six Feet Under started Brandtson. Blake Martin of A Plea For Purging started a solo project a few years back. Recently the members of the defunct death metal band Indwelling started an Americana/folk band called Some Dark Holllow. Around the same time Seth Hecox of Becoming The Archetype got with his friend Brandon Williams to start a Americana/folk duo in the veins of ‘70s singer/songwriter artists like Bob Dylan. Plus bands like Wilco and Mumford & Sons. It is not strange for a heavy artist to show a softer side. As we can see, history repeats itself on this subject a lot. All Folked Up is another fan-funded record through Kckstarter. This record is great. It is one of those records you will find wanting to listen to over and over again. With great biblical themes throughout the record, you could almost label it as a worship record. All Folked Up is the perfect record to change gears from metal and hardcore.