Mid-Atlantic metalcore mavens Blood of the Martyrs is now on indefinite hiatus, according to bassist and founding member Bobby Huatori. On Friday night, Huatori took to the band’s Facebook page to share the news via Facebook Live.

Blood of the Martyrs released Endgame EP earlier this year, their first with vocalist Jason Wilkins following former frontman Lee Zook’s departure. The band’s catalog also contains two full-length albums of spirit-filled deathcore: 2013’s electronic-tinged Completionist and their watershed 2011 debut, Once More, with Feeling, on the departed Dark Slate label. Huatori’s live stream was cut short on Friday, but he provided a written statement this morning. The bassist recently launched charity-minded apparel line Landfall Collective; drummer Michael “Pak-Man” Pak is currently playing and touring with Victory Records’ Kissing Candice. See the band’s full statement below.