Bleed Into One, the feature length documentary that is the definitive voice on the story of Christian Rock as told by those who lived, struggled, and shaped the phenomenon, is starting a Kickstarter Campaign to raise needed funds for the final music licensing.

The official Kickstarter page can be found at:

In the vein of Dogtown and Z-Boys, Bleed Into One chronicles the underdog nature of a genre of music that truly had to battle its way towards acceptance, a battle against a world who did not understand their faith, and a battle against those of faith who did not understand their music.

This campaign seeks to raise $60,000.

Thirty thousand dollars of the campaign will be used to pay the required licensing fees will be paid to secure an unmatched soundtrack for the film, featuring a vast array of artists covering the entire scope of the genre.  The second $30,000 will be used for the final stages of the post-production, final editing and animation.

A series of incentives have been created as a thank you for donations, everything from digital downloads of the film, autographs, t-shirts, producer credits and tickets to screenings.

Bleed into One will be an uncompromising, controversial view of the history and people of Christian Rock. The narrative will primarily be told through interviews, archival footage, music video and live performance. Not shying away from criticism of the genre, Bleed Into One will feature honest summations of pundits, critics and offer a variety of pop culture references on the subject including but not limited to “South Park”, “The Simpsons”, “Rolling Stone,” “Saved,” “Alternative Press,” “King of the Hill,” and comments from comedians and other detractors.  Additionally, the film will feature website chatter, VH1 and MTV references.

Interviews and performance videos have already been recorded by artists such as:
P.O.D, Underoath, MxPx, Skillet, The Crucified, ZAO, Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay, Steve Taylor, the REZ Band, Randy Stonehill, The Violet Burning, DC Talk, Norma Jean, Stryper, The Prayer Chain, Third Day, Phil Keaggy, Mike Roe, The Choir, Living Sacrifice, Guardian, Blindside, Piller, Project 86, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Relient K, Petra, Sacred Fire, Demon Hunter, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, Delirious? Newsboys, DeGarmo and Key, Squad 5-0, Family Force 5, Charlie Peacock, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, Scaterd Few, Flyleaf, The Altar Boys, Plankeye, The OC Supertones, Mike Knott, The Lifters, Undercover, Chuck Girard, Oden Fong, Terry Taylor, Darrell Mansfield, Shout, Bryan Duncan, and more.

Interviews with industry leaders and tastemakers are included as well, including:
Tooth and Nail records CEO-Brandon Ebel, HM Magazine Editor Doug Van Pelt, writer Brian Quincy Newcomb, former Relevant Magazine Managing Editor Tyler Clark, former Gospel Music Association President John Styll, former Editor CCM Magazine Editor Jay Schwartzendruber, “Raised By Wolves” author and promoter John J. Thompson and many, many more.

Bleed Into One is directed and produced by Bartlesville, OK based Tim Hudson.  The film is the definitive voice on the story of Christian Rock as told by those who lived, struggled, and shaped the phenomenon.  Currently negotiating potential distribution, Bleed Into One hopes to launch at film festivals and in theaters in 2012.

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