You haven’t heard from us for a while, so we wanted to give you a quick studio
update. We’ve been in writing mode for a couple months and now it’s getting to
the point where we are starting to piece together some very early
“pre-pre-production recordings”. These are very basic guitar-only tracks
recorded to a click, for the purpose of helping Joey to finish writing his drum
parts and for all of us to get a very preliminary feel for the album as a

So far much of the writing has taken place in various “small group” sessions
containing 2 or 3 members of the band. We tend to set specific goals for each of
these sessions. Whether it’s coming up with new song ideas, refining ideas that
already exist, recording scratch tracks or writing specific parts for specific
instruments, we generally have an idea of what we want to accomplish before we
get together. This helps us to stay focused on the task at hand and see
continual progress.

That’s it for now . . . Let us know what projects you’re working on this year —
music-related or otherwise.

Thanks for your support!




Seaway's Big Fall

Planned for the summer, 'Big Vibe' was moved to the Fall as COVID swept the nation. It turns out, the vibes were exactly the breath of fresh air we needed. HM contributing writer Danielle Martin talks with Seaway vocalist Ryan Locke about the band's new era, how they formed their sound for 2020, and why Harry Styles belongs in their lives.


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