The AP Tour, Nokia Club 10/29.
August burns Red, the only reason I went to the AP Tour was to see August burns red. So, I rushed in! They were first of the Co-headliners on the tour. August burns red started off with a crazy techno beat and strobe lights that got everyone in the mood for dancing! Before transfering right into the face melting brutality, that is their trademark. They played a mix of songs from both their Constellations and and Messengers Album. The crowd was yelling for them to play Redemption, but first they played Back Burner, the Moshpit was going insane! It even hurts to write this, I mightve broke something! It hurts to breathe! (laughs) next was White Washed, at this point the crowd was SO intense! Everyone screaming along with the Lyrics. Jake was loving it, So was I, I loved the energy he and the crowd put in. It was brutal! Next they played Redemption, The crowd got their wish! Everyone screaming and gathering close, moshers  dancing to every beat. This set was beast! The best set of The night! They killed it with this. This was the best song on their album! My only complaint is that Jakes vocals were low, very low. It was often hard to hear his screams over the pounding drums, guitars and screaming crowd. But still an intense performance! Especially when they played Redemption. At this point the crowd wanted more and was yelling encore! SO, the drummer (Matt Greiner) came out and did a drum solo! All I can say is WOW! I’m completely speechless! It was an absolutely epic drum solo! It by far stole the show! the crowd was even speechless! Jaws were dropped and left hanging and then out of the silence the Vocalist (Jake Luhrs) came back to say Godbless everyone we’ll be at the merch table, So everyone rushed to the merch table, The band talked to fans, Signed things and hugged fans. They played impeccably, as always. All in all The AP Tour was a blast, Full of excitement! I’d advise you to grab a few friends and go head out to The AP  Tour, Of course while tickets last 🙂 If not catch it Next year and have a good time!


-Shauna Gibbons.


Top 25 Albums of 2020

The Top 25 Albums of 2020

When the going gets tough, artists create art. Despite a world reckoning outside our quarantined doors, musicians relentlessly created new music giving birth to genre-defining releases and, despite a year spent indoors, a marked 2020 full of passion and fervor. Here are our Top 25 albums of 2020.


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