AMBER PACIFIC has teamed up with TEEN.COM for the exclusive premiere of their brand new music video for “Three Words”.  “Three Words” is the first single off of AMBER PACIFIC’s new album, Virtues.  The video can be seen NOW at the following link:

See AMBER PACIFIC on the “Don’t Call It A Comeback” tour with Halifax, Victory In Numbers, and City Lights.  Dates are as follows:

Jun 24, 2010    Seattle, WA, US @ El Corazon

Jun 25, 2010    Spokane, WA, US @ The Seaside

Jun 26, 2010    Boise, ID, US @ The Venue

Jun 27, 2010    Salt Lake City, UT, US @ In The Venue

Jun 28, 2010    Denver, CO, US @ Marquis Theatre

Jun 29, 2010    Lawrence, KS, US @ Bottleneck

Jun 30, 2010    Memphis, TN, US @ The Abbey

Jul 1, 2010       Mobile, AL, US @ Alabama Music Box

Jul 2, 2010       Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery

Jul 3, 2010       Orlando, FL, US @ Lyrica

Jul 4, 2010       Pompano Beach, FL, US @ Rocketown

Jul 5, 2010       Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit

Jul 7, 2010       Wilmington, NC @ The Brewery

Jul 8, 2010       Virginia Beach, VA, US @ Club Relevant

Jul 9, 2010       Lancaster, PA, US @ The Championship

Jul 10, 2010     Spotswood, NJ, US @ Spotswood VFW

Jul 11, 2010     South Hackensack, NJ, US @ School Of Rock

Jul 12, 2010     New York, NY, US @ Webster Hall

Jul 13, 2010     Jermyn, PA, US @ Eleanor Rigby’s

Jul 14, 2010     Akron, OH, US @ Musica

Jul 15, 2010     Ypsilanti, MI, US @ The 734

Jul 16, 2010     Lake Station, IN, US @ Lake Station Eagles Lodge

Jul 17, 2010     Elgin, IL, US @ Mad Maggie’s

Jul 18, 2010     Frankfort, IL, US @ The Lighthouse

Jul 19, 2010     St. Louis, MO, US @ The Firebird

Jul 20, 2010     Tulsa, OK, US @ The Other Side

Jul 21, 2010     Arlington, TX, US @ Six Flags Over Texas

Jul 22, 2010     Midland, TX, US @ The Pine Box

Jul 23, 2010     Las Cruces, NM, US @ Equinox Music Venue

Jul 24, 2010     Mesa, AZ, US @ The Underground

Jul 25, 2010     San Diego, CA, US @ The Epicenter

Jul 26, 2010     Anaheim, CA, US @ The Industry

Jul 27, 2010     Lancaster, CA, US @ Cedar Centre

Jul 28, 2010     Canoga Park, CA, US @ Cobalt Cafe

Jul 29, 2010     Oakland, CA, US @ The Metro

Jul 30, 2010     Orangevale, CA, US @ Club Retro

Jul 31, 2010     Bend, OR, US @ THE MIDTOWN

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Ashley Di Buduo

312-666-8661 x120

About The Band:

Seattle-based Amber Pacific is fueled by a desire and yearning that has been the driving force in their career since day one.

The current line up seems to be the strongest and most talented yet. Members Jesse Cottam on Vocals, Will Nutter and Davy Rispoli on Guitar, Greg Strong on Bass and Dango on Drums have a fresh start on a new label and couldn’t be more ready to take on the world. “We’re all really excited to be on Victory. We expect a lot of good and very big things to happen,” says Will Nutter.

Originally known under the name Follow Through, an expired version of the band enjoyed a run of fame when participating in the Vans Warped Tour from 2004-2007 and sharing a string of dates with Matchbook Romance on the Sub City Take Action Tour in the spring of 2006. Amber Pacific proved that the “sophomore release curse” was a myth when they challenged it head on, releasing Truth in Sincerity in 2007. The title landed itself a deserving number 64 on Billboard’s Top 200 Charts.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing on the success wave. In February of 2008, lead vocalist Matt Young left Amber Pacific to pursue a career in public education. Luckily, after feverish searching, the remaining members stumbled upon “neighbor – to – the – north” Canadian singer Jesse Cottam. “We set up an audition system via email account,” says Nutter. “There were about 250-300 submissions and out of that, there were only three people who were maybe good enough to do it.” After weeks of frustration, Nutter turned to YouTube, searching for homemade videos of radio hits, in hopes that maybe someone would grab his attention. “I was entertaining the idea of maybe having a girl singer, so I typed in ‘Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl’ and Jesse’s video popped up. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after watching, I immediately reached out to him about flying in for an audition.”

Present day finds Amber Pacific with a breath of fresh air. Having added a vocalist that gives the band an extra boost, they’ve written what can be called their best record to date; Virtues is available now on Victory Records.


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