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Altars brings a raw and honest sound to the scene. Something More is the sophomore release by the band on Facedown Records; ironically, they couldn’t name their full-length album anything better. It brings forth the attitude that society is ugly and many are not aware of the lies they are being fed. The guitars are laid down with crunchy, fresh tones. Right away listeners will pick up hints of their previous release, Oh, Sleeper, Underoath and Beloved with just a hint of hardcore. Vocals range from singing, screaming, crowd chants, and the soft choir-like voices.

Something More presents a smooth and even flow in its style that it’s hard to be labeled as just another cookie-cutter album. To some listeners, it might be a little controversial, but that isn’t a bad thing. The hard music scene needs more bands like Altars. It needs an awakening. It needs something more.