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When you pick up Afterimage’s new release, Unveil the Unseen, and see it is labeled as deathcore, you’d probably assume two things: It’s extremely breakdown-driven, and it’s massively repetitive. But you’d be wrong on both accounts. Possibly one of the best groove-driven “-core” albums in several years, Unveil the Unseen carries the brutality of its deathcore name but also encapsulates a melodiousness to make a perfect blend.

Afterimage is a five-piece band based in Barrington, Ill. Unveil the Unseen is the group’s first full-length following up their critically acclaimed debut EP, Codex: Triumph In The Eschaton, released back in 2007. Their full-length continues the trail of raw energy left by their EP but with a grace that comes with age. This release is tighter and heavier with plenty of destroying riffs and brutal breakdowns, but it carries a melody that is equal in both power and effect.

The vocals of frontman Mike Gleason really stands out on this record. Whether it is the rolling growls or his powerhouse and heart-skipping clean vocals, his performance really exemplifies the spirit and drive behind the group.

This album isn’t perfect. There are some bumps, like where vocals could have been cleaned up a little, but overall, Unveil the Unseen is a brilliant example of what the next big thing in metal is going to sound like. For fans of Extol and Soilwork.


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