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NASHVILLE, TN – Abel is releasing their Come&Live! debut, Lesser Men, this coming Tuesday. The ten track album will be available at comeandlive.com as a free download on October 19, 2010. The band is extremely excited to offer this to their listeners as a free gift, and one of the new tracks, entitled “Saints”, is now streaming on their Myspace page.


The new record showcases Abel’s soulful indie rock style and worshipful lyrics. “This album is about forgiveness,” shares Abel vocalist Kevin Kneifel. “That no matter how far you walk away from God, He will always take you back.”

Writing for Lesser Men began after a successful tour with Deas Vail in August 2009. The band’s creativity was stirred and they immediately began to pen new songs upon their return. However, this creativity only lasted so long. “We wrote about five or six songs right when we got back, but started getting frustrated with what we were making,” explains Kneifel. “We hit a brick wall.” Following winter touring, the band once again dove into the songwriting process. “A lot of the pressures from the previous year were gone when we got back in January,” shares Kneifel. “We really took some time to refocus on Christ and work together. That’s when the dam broke and we suddenly had a whole album ready.”

Releasing Lesser Men for free on Come&Live! is a step of faith for Abel, and clearly aligns with the band’s mission to glorify God through their art. “
The music industry is such an unstable place right now,” explains Kneifel. “And it reminds us that nothing is certain except for God’s provision. Joining Come&Live! has helped us see that more and more, and we’re excited to become a part of the ministry there–and to build our own as well.”

To speak with the band or receive copy of Lesser Men, simply reply to this email.

Please send press inquires to ktcpublicity@gmail.com

For management questions, please contact nathan@comeandlive.com


1. Silver

2. Saints

3. The Martyr
4. Lesser Men

5. Titanic

6. Take Me Home

7. Standing Still

8. Come Ye Weary

9.Atlantic: The Broken Hearted King
10. Atlantic: The Voice In The Tides


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