web_pigclothHow did the idea get started for Pig Cloth?

Jamie had the idea a long time ago to start some sort of clothing company, but we were lost for a name. Spencer (Underoath singer) has called me “pig” for years, so just semed to fit

What were some of the biggest obstacles to overcome to launch it?
I think the biggest thing was the whole design thing. In the beginning we couldn’t even figure out how to get art

Is it making money now?
Some, but as I’m sure you know, people are constanty cutting back on luxury items and this day and age small businesses have it hard, but we are blessed, for sure.

To what do you attribute your success up to this point (or lack thereof)?
Man, we are so blessed, we are really trying by adding biblical verses to each shirt to spread love and grace and I hope that people read these and find the hope and truth that is in them. I guess people have just been gracious and for that we are super thankful.

What are your goals with Pig Cloth?
Just to let people know that they are loved by God Himself and that the clothes in your back don’t make you the man or woman that you are.

How do you go from clothing idea to clothing product in-hand?
It’s been really fun, we have had a couple design contests as well as friends doing some designs, but as far as the process goes. We get art then send it to our printer and viola!

How much does this divide your time from The Almost and Underoath?
umm… It’s hard alot, ya know?? I miss Jamie so bad sometimes and being on the road constantly can take its toll on ya, but Jamie is so supportive and we make it through.

Anything else either of y’all would like to add?
Thanks for reading!

Oh…by the way, we’re doing a contest/give-away with Pig Cloth Clothing, so send us an email (with the subject heading “Pig Cloth”) to be entered. We’ll randomly draw winners equal to the number of clothing items they hook us up with and mail the shirts out!

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