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Sometimes change isn’t a good thing. Upon the announcement that Aaron Gillespie was leaving Underoath to pursue other musical and ministry endeavors, many fans worried that this was the case for Gillespie. Anthem Song, his first full-length solo album, proves otherwise.

His recent traveling ministry and the release of Anthem Song are a testament to the call Gillespie felt by his faith. From beginning to end, Anthem Song is more than a worship album–to those interested, it feels empowering and inspirational.

The album opener, “All Things,” is among the many slower, more personal songs on the album. With an upbeat feel, it serves as foreshadowing for the motivation of each subsequent song. Driven by uptempo vocals, piano and drums, “Hosanna” leads into “Washed Away” beautifully. Clearly not in the vein of The Almost or Underoath, songs like “Washed Away,” “Earnestly I Seek Thee” and “I Am Your Cup,” cry out for something greater while showcasing Gillespie’s compelling, sometimes raw vocals. Keeping in tune, “We Were Made For You” is a profession of love and belief; though “I Will Worship You” rings a bit slower and softer, it carries a steady drumbeat laced neatly behind an almost unrefined cry of powerful vocals. True to it’s name, “Anthem Song” is a catchy, chorus-driven song sure to resonate with all listeners. Equally matched is the positive message supplied by “You Are My Everything.” In the meantime, “You Are Jesus” and “Your Song Goes On Forever” carry a more laid back feel.

Through and through, Anthem Song should have fans rejoicing at the willingness of a talented, young musician to step outside the box and be willing to share his beliefs and passions instead of sticking to the comfortable route.


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