Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

WXGN 90.5 FM, a Christian Artist Rock Station, independently owned and operated by Joy Broadcasting is in danger of being sold for PROFIT!!! As Station Manager, I have been called by the Lord to run the station, and be a true media missionary, and have been “making tents” so as not to be a burden to this ministry, and have in fact paid most of the bills out of pocket.  A recent article in the local newspaper The Press of Atlantic City, gives some insight:

The Press of Atlantic City article link

I prayed about the situation and as a result CLUB 555 was brought forth as the fundraising project needed. Its goal is to enroll 500 membership blocks, which contribute $50 a year for 5 years, or $250.00 total per block for a total of $125,000.00 which covers the purchase price of $100,00.00 and pays our rent for those 5 years.

This amount would save WXGN from being sold to others who would not use it to minister to youth, 24/7 as we do. As a true independent station, we encourage young artists to submit their music for airplay consideration, and WXGN is the only culturally relevant station for certain segments of the youth population, although we play a wide variety of rock genres to include as many youth as we can in our listenership, therefore ministering to as many as possible. We also encourage youth groups to come to the station and have their own program for a bare minimum fee, roughly 1/5 of most other stations in the Christian market. We also offer internships for college students in broadcasting, marketing, web design, and administration.

CLUB 555 promo video link

The video link above talks about the need for WXGN and explains CLUB 555 as originally conceived, but the banks wouldn’t allow a $4.50 monthly recurring fee so it had to be adjusted to $5.00, as explained below:

CLUB 555 can receive credit card and check donations, and even a recurring monthly charge of just $5.00 a month for 40 months after an initial $50.00 is donated. This is a total of $250.00 The monthly fee equates to just $1.25 a week. Of course, the entire $250 can be donated all at once as some have done, and some, due to budget restrictions, have opted not to give the initial $50.00 and donate $5.00 a month for 50 months. Others still choose to simply mail in a check for $50 every year, or one check to donate in full.

WXGN is a much needed ministry, and we have listeners all over the world, as we stream our terrestrial FM signal on the internet. WXGN has listeners in India, Brazil, the UK, New Zealand, British Columbia, Canada, and all over the USA. Their tweets and song requests prove that this station is culturally relevant, and is much desired.

Our biggest obstacles are often church leaders who do not appreciate all the sub-genres of rock music aired, but as explained to them, we are not trying to reach them, we are trying to actively reach youth in a culturally relevant way that much of the church ignores. Our goal is to be a medium of communication between the artists inspired by God and their fanbase by playing their songs, and interviewing them at concerts and on the air. Unlike the much promulgated myth, most touring bands are extremely hard working, with little rest in between performances. They are truly missionaries, that need support, and appreciation. They are not self-seeking, understanding that it isn’t about them, but about the lives they can impact through their God given talents and abilities to create and perform music.

WXGN promotes concerts for this very reason, to allow the artists to meet their fanbase so ministry can happen. Some of that ministry happens on stage, and some during one-on-one interactions between the artists and their fans after they finish playing. Often their fans come to them with problems and prayer requests that they won’t share with a church leader. Another reason WXGN promotes concerts is to offer aid to other ministries through proceeds derived from these shows. WXGN has given to relief efforts in Louisiana, Haiti, Nashville, and Africa. WXGN is proactive in promoting concert outreaches of artists we play, and try to include as many young Christian local artists to open up for the touring bands to give them experience and to allow friendships to develop between them and the touring bands, and perhaps giving them spiritual mentors.  WXGN also works with other promoters by informing listeners of their events.

WXGN is an ALBUM ORIENTED ROCK station, and although we play music 24/7 there are “preaching bytes” contained in the playlist mix. Some are by well known rockers such as Mattie Montgomery of For Today, others are from well known youth leaders such as Bob Lenz, Justin Lookadoo, Jason Anderson, and some are by ministries such as Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis, and our Saturday morning one minute segments of The Adventures of Jonathan Park. However, these last but a few minutes per hour, as we feel the ARTISTS themselves will be used by God to make the most impact through their heartfelt lyrics with themes that offer hope. We also play artists who overtly worship God, but in a musical style that youth can engage in, modern rock.

WXGN does have some non-music programming, but these are relevant to our demographic. Money Talks, a financial news and talk hour geared specifically for young couples and singles, and Hunter & The Coach, a Sports Talk show broadcast live from a local High School. WXGN also gets involved as much as possible in other entertainment mediums. WXGN has actively worked with a local movie theater company to bring Christian films to the area, and offers free PSA’s to local stage theater production companies.

WXGN was voted the #1 Christian radio station in South Jersey by an independent poll given by South Jersey Christian Events So although we are popular, we minister to a segment of the population that doesn’t have the means to financially support us.This is why we are looking to adults for support in helping us reach youth.  WXGN is also the featured radio station on the HM Magazine firefox persona. HM Magazine is a well known print magazine and e-zine that shares the same heart as ours.

If there are any questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the station.

609-938-0012 or by emailing You may also reach me on my cell phone 609-816-5989

Feel free to see what songs we play by following us on Twitter as we tweet each song @WXGN.

Please listen in, but please reserve judgment on the genres, just listen in for an hour or more, and see what WXGN is all about. You can listen by tuning into 90.5 FM in the greater Ocean City, NJ area, on your smartphone or online by going to our homepage and clicking the proper icon. You can also call 732-432-6643 from any telephone or cell phone.

For convenience, the last 20 songs played are always listed on the top of our website.

TO JOIN CLUB 555, go to our homepage and click on the JOIN NOW icon or go to our CLUB 555 facebook page: facebook donation page link


Some final thoughts on why WXGN is a vital and necessary ministry.

We are in a cultural war, just take a look at 5 of the Billboard Top 10 songs:

#1 “Born This Way”, by Lady Gaga, a homosexual anthem

#2 “F—k You, Forget You”, by Ce-Lo Green, profanity & promiscuity

#4 “F—kin’ Perfect” by Pink, profanity

#5 “S&M”, by Rhianna, sexual peversion

#9 “On the Floor”, by Jennifer Lopez, sexual promiscuity

5 of the Top 10 songs champion ungodliness

WXGN is a true alternative to the wordly lyrics on mainstream radio. All the artists on our playlist profess faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior, and reflect a biblical world-view lyrically.

WXGN has listeners all around the world: Brazil, India, UK, Africa, New Zealand, Canada, and all across the Untied States, BUT, the majority are teens and they cannot help us avert the sale, but you can by joining CLUB 555.

Thanks for reading this letter, please prayerfully consider donating to WXGN by joining CLUB 555, and please pass this word along about this ministry and our needs, and please fervently pray we reach our goal of 500 membership blocks of $50 a year for 5 years to raise the needed sum of $125,000.00 which will buy the station from the its only shareholder, keep it a rock station that ministers to youth, and pays our rent for the next 5 years.

Thanks, and God Bless!

Your brother in Christ,

BILL LINK (Big Bass Bill)

WXGN 90.5 FM Truth That Rocks

801 Asbury Ave. Suite 602

Ocean City, NJ 08226

CLUB 555: 500 people donating $50 a year for 5 years is all it takes to allow WXGN to keep going as a ministry

URGENT: ONLY 30 DAYS REMAINING  Deadline: April 8, 2011


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