Worth Dying For Announces Plans for a ‘Live Riot’ on February 7

Worth Dying For will return February 7th with their third national release, Live Riot, recorded live at the Ammunition Conference in California. The Ammunition Records release is already receiving exposure from radio and the new music video for “The World Can’t Take It Away.”

Maintaining their aggressive rock sound with big guitars and driving loops, the band manages to capture worship like has never been captured on any previous album of Worth Dying For. “We have never stepped into the live worship recording before,” says Worth Dying For’s Christy Johnson. “For the first time, we get to interact with our fans and listeners and share what our worship to our creator is like in its most organic and raw form.”

Although the moments of worship are deep, high-energy praise songs like “Freedom Is Rising” and “One Love” keep the album moving and the listener engaged. More traditional worship fans will be drawn in by ballads such as “Risen from the Grave,” and the prophetic style of “Spirit of God.” While this album features 10 all-new songs, it also includes new live versions of some fan favorites from Worth Dying For’s previous album, Love Riot, including “Savior,” “Higher” and that album’s title track. Fans of Skillet and Evanesence as well as Hillsong United, Planetshakers and Jesus Culture will find that this collection of 15 live songs create a worship experience unlike any other.

The modern worship team that makes up Worth Dying For consists of original members Christy Johnson, Josh O’haire and Sean Loche, as well as new worship leaders Dalisha Turner, Deanna Joven, Nick Morris, Rochelle Leguern and Sarah Agbayani.

“We are honored that we get to do what we do and see new worship leaders step into their calling,” says vocalist Sean Loche. “There is something powerful about the leaders of a worship team being plugged into a ministry based within a church and serving the needs of a city before the needs of a world. Worth Dying For’s heart is not only to see lives changed in worship, but to work to see Ammunition Conference grow and shake the roots of cities around the country. There is a mandate from God to birth this conference in cities around the nation. Live Riot helps people hear the sound of the conference.”

Worth Dying For’s Ammunition Conference started as a camp with 40 people and has turned into an annual conference with world-renowned speakers and attendance in the thousands. In addition to recording, touring and their own popular conference, Worth Dying For is stepping into a new season by planting a church in the Los Angeles area.

Worth Dying For will support the new album on the national conference circuit in 2012, with live performances at such major events as Acquire the Fire, Thirst Conference, Christ for the Nations, Ammunition Conference and many more. The music video for “The World Can’t Take It Away” will be serviced to video outlets nationwide early next month. Additional videos will be released in early 2012. A video about the album is also available.

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