(Nashville, Tenn) – July 27, 2011 – Skies Fall Records is proud to announce the anticipated debut release from We Are Leo. Aptly titled Hello, the project will be available August 30th. Hello, produced and co-written by Ben Kasica, former member of Skillet, is releasing under Kasica’s label, Skies Fall Records. Hello‘s debut single, “Live For Love,” which is already heating up the radio airwaves, releases today to all digital markets.
We Are Leo is a Chicago-area based pop/rock quartet who in just three years have already developed a distinct brand of energetic and message-based music and a seasoned live show. The band has also already earned a legion of loyal and grassroots fans by winning several “Battle of the Bands” contests and being hand selected to play NACA showcases, theme park shows and festivals such as Lifest, Big Ticket and Purple Door. We Are Leo has also shared the stage with the likes of Skillet, Family Force 5 and House of Heroes, to name just a few.
We Are Leo is comprised of frontman and keyboardist David Duffield, younger brother/drummer Jonny, guitarist Doug Weier and bassist Andrew Alojipan. The brothers, originally starting the band to express songs they were writing from experiences gained while traveling around the world, developed We Are Leo into a full-force rock band with a mission. They agree in saying, “When we are on the road, we sense that we aren’t merely touring America, we are fighting for love, for hope and for new beginnings.”
“I became a fan of We Are Leo from the first time I heard them,” shares Kasica. “David has a way of writing lyrics with a strong and relevant message that only a few writers have done before. I’m personally moved and blessed by their songs, so it was an honor to work on their record. With the heart and message of a young Jon Foreman and the hooks of a Top 40 artist, We are Leo is well on their way toward musical greatness.”
Sharing the story behind their unique moniker, David shares, “Our band name is about our desire to be bold and courageous like a lion (Leo being the Greek word for lion), and also that we might shine like stars in the darkness, like the constellation Leo does.” With Hello, We Are Leo brings that fight to the front lines with a varied and rich collection of culturally relevant pop and rock songs. This is especially true with their lead single, “Live For Love,” a summer jam and dance-pop declaration of our mandate to love one another. To download the song, please visit their press page here.
The end of August will take We Are Leo on the “Rock, Hop & Roll Tour” with Attaboy and Da Messenger, so be sure to check out their website for the most updated information and if they are coming to a city near you.
We Are Leo’s Hello track listing:
1. Supernova Sunrise
2. Heartbeats
3. Oxygen
4. Seventeen
5. Colors
6. Live For Love
7. Remember You
8. I’m With You
We Are Leo is certainly poised to impact the young and mature alike as they encourage all of us with their passion, their fun and their depth to ‘Live For Love’ with Hello. If you can’t take our word for it, read on to hear what others are saying about We Are Leo:
From Sky Drysdale, Promotions Manager, KLOVE/Air 1:

“I was at Big Ticket Festival recently and I heard this incredible music, thinking it was coming from a CD. Turns out, it was We Are Leo, live on the Alternative Stage. These guys are a high-energy, original act that truly connects with young people right where they’re at! Is it any wonder why they were chosen to open for Skillet?! Check ‘em out!

From Gregory Johnson of 89.7 Shine FM Chicago:
“We Are Leo’s melodic and cutting edge melodies are both soothing and empowering. They grasp at the very heart of today’s music scene by pouring out a true love for the music and ministry. With an impressive connection to their fans and intense heartfelt live performances, Leo is on the fast track to becoming an unstoppable force in the Christian music scene. These guys are the REAL deal!”

From Paul Spittka, Pastor of Student Ministries at Greenville Community Church, Greenville MI:
“This past winter we witnessed We Are Leo lead worship at Spring Hill Camps with over 1,000 teens. It was an amazing time worshipping our Lord and Savior as David and the band led us to the Throne! Our students enjoyed We Are Leo so much that we invited them to our church to do a full length concert. That concert was so well attended that we have already booked them for another event in 2012. We can’t say enough about the Holy Spirit’s power on each of the band members.
From a camper who attended Spring Hill:
“We Are Leo made me laugh and cry…and made me sing and scream at the top of my lungs. (They) touched my heart, as well as the hearts of all of my camp mates– and they were more than happy to take part in all of the camp games and activities and meals. I know that having Leo perform at Springhill one more time would be more than an absolutely incredible experience!”
From a fan in Green Bay, WI sent after a We Are Leo show:
“You played a great show, it was so inspiring. While listening to your music I had to close my eyes and listen to every piercing word. Some of the songs really reached my heart. I went through a lot last year as a freshman in high school, and my scars are there to prove it. Thank God I’m still here today! Listening to your show tonight and hearing you sing… made me 10 times stronger than I’ve ever been. I never knew one band could impact me that much. Thanks guys. God bless.
From Kris Bargen, Student Life Director at Great Lakes Christian College, Lansing, MI:
“Not only was We Are Leo a great group of musicians that were inspiring to our student body but they were extremely authentic in conversations before and after their performance. If you get a chance to host them for an event take it and you’ll be encouraged by the experience.”

About Skies Fall Media Group:
Skies Fall Media Group is focused on an artist-centric approach to give the artist maximum creative control and profits for their work. In 2010, they released A String Tribute to Skillet from Cellofourte (featuring Tate Olsen, cellist for Skillet). Earlier this year, they released Americana/folk artist Everett Thomas’ Visions of the Sea.
For more information on Skies Fall Media Group, please visit www.skiesfall.com.


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