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Great news! After scaling down a bit for the last two years, it’s time for some fresh blood here at VOLKOREN, so last week we signed a new artist called Jonas David. Jonas lives in Germany and could be described as a world citizen as he travels around the world all the time, playing his beautiful songs whenever and wherever he can. If you like VOLKOREN bands like at the close of every day and Kim Janssen, you will surely love the sound and songs of Jonas David.

The other day he gave the world a little gift; a winter song for free. To listen, check this: Want more? Check out this song he recorded with his friend Florian Ostertag:

We plan on releasing Jonas David’s debut album coming spring. More information is yours as soon as it’s ours!

More good news is that every week more and more VOLKOREN songs can be found on Spotify. For Ponoka’s debut, click here Ponoka – Hindsight for Minco Eggersman’s ‘WIN/WIN’, click here minco eggersman – WIN / WIN Soon the rest of our catalogue will be on, too.


Ponoka-singer Rick de Gier presents debut novel + new Ponoka-album in unique project ‘NINEVE’
‘NINEVE is a humorous and gripping coming of age novel about pop culture, authenticity, doubt, love, and the end of the world. The story is about 24-year-old Daan, who grew up in a strict evangelical environment and suddenly, to his own horror, finds himself a rising star in the Dutch indie rock scene’.

This debut novel by Ponoka’s singer Rick de Gier is accompanied by a new Ponoka album: ‘Outtakes from the Revival Songbook’. To complete the multi-medial character of the project, the book also features lovely comic-drawings by Juan de Graaf, and various YouTube-films that play a role in the story. NINEVE will be released on the 11th of March by VOLKOREN together with publisher Brandaan ( A sneak peek, featuring excerpts from the book and songs from the album, is already available at More information soon.

On the 6th of March it’s time again for our annual Festival, which is set at the Hedon in Zwolle. This time you can enjoy Jonas David, Ponoka, ME and special guests Rue Royale (UK). This promises to be something special, as almost all bands will have a new album out by then!

Thank you for your time and hope to meet you soon at one of these following gigs:


05-03 za Ekko, Utrecht NL

03-03 do Vera, Groningen NL
05-03 za Kinky Star, Gent BE
06-03 zo Hedon, Zwolle NL

06-03 zo Hedon,Zwolle NL
11-03 vr Ekko, Utrecht NL Release party!
23-04 za Vera, Groningen NL

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