Just days after The Myriad played their last show of 2008, Randy Miller (drummer) went in for a surgery to have a lump removed from his shoulder. Shortly after that he was diagnosed with an incredibly rare form of bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. Statistically speaking things looked incredibly challenging, but Randy had youth and determination on his side. Starting almost immediately he would begin an incredibly intense season of chemo-therapy; every 3 weeks for the duration of 2009.

Randy was doing so well that towards the end of 2009 he was able to tour with the band for a month long run with Tyrone Welles in support of the Humane Society of the United States. The tumors appeared to be shrinking and it looked like he was heading towards recovery and remission.

Last week Randy received the devastating news that the tumors are back and growing. Because of its intensity, they can’t continue the chemo. It doesn’t appear that there are any medical alternatives left. Please join us in praying for Randy, his wife Krystin, and their two children Conner and Jillian during this trying time for their family and loved ones. To quote Randy, “I don’t always understand God, but I have to believe. No one can take that from me.”

If you’d like to find out more info on Randy, you can watch the video on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/themyriadmusic#p/u/2/ZZwEpoJix4w. There is a giving option for the family’s growing medical costs  set up as well through Randy’s home church The Stirring in Redding, CA. You can access that my going to thestirring.org and navigating to the online giving tab. On behalf of the Miller family and The Myriad, thank you for your prayers and continued kindness.


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