Friends of Eric Volz

First off, thank you for your patience with the scarcity of online updates this past year. It has been a very busy time and I am pleased to report to you the following progress:
• A new case, Eric Volz vs. Nicaragua, was opened before an international human rights tribunal, seeking a declaration of my innocence and protection from further persecution by the Government of Nicaragua. This case now tests the role and authority of supra-national law and keeps hope alive that justice for Doris Jiménez is still possible.

• I completed a 300- page memoir, scheduled for international release, just a couple weeks from now, on April 27. Many subject matter experts and best selling authors have already read my book and have posted reviews.

• In addition to the book, I have  just completed an innovative project that has taken almost a full year to finish. The “Exhibit Hall” is an online tool that interacts directly with my book using material such as: photographs and video from inside prison, headshots of main characters, audio tapes from trial, autopsy reports, government documents, witness statements, crime scene photos, original police case file, defense motions, court rulings, and newspaper articles. The Exhibit Hall was built primarily with the funds raised from the sale of Lady Justice t-shirts, which many of you now sport.
These achievements would never have materialized without the assistance of a number of individuals who contributed by furnishing legal counsel, knowledge share, editorial guidance, research, graphic design, programming, generous donations, and continued prayer.
I want to acknowledge how encouraging your emails and messages of support continue to be. This rich and interactive dialogue is largely what gives this community meaning. The enthusiasm is contagious, and I am deeply grateful. And, finally, words cannot describe the deep admiration and affection I have for those Nicaraguans who remain by my side.
The publication of this book marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life and the memory  of Doris Jiménez. Please spread the word by fowarding this email, tweeting, and facebooking the news!
With an affectionate salute,
Eric Volz

New Book in Stores: April 27, 2010
“This story should be issued with
every passport.”
—Bill Kurtis, host of A&E’s Cold Case Files

Gringo Nightmare
A Young American Framed
for Murder in Nicaragua
St. Martin’s Press, 4/27/2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-55727-0, ISBN10: 0-312-55727-2
6 1/8 x 9 1/4 inches, 304 pages
Plus one 8-page b&w photo insert
3-d coverart


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