Behind the Songs With Unhindered…
Pat Barrett of Unhindered shares the inspiration behind “Who Is Like the Lord” from the band’s Oct. 20, 2009 debut release, Be:

“The chorus of this song was written late one night in a hotel room after leading at a conference. For a couple of months, I kept coming back to the phrase ‘who is like the Lord.’ That night I sat down with a guitar and started playing, and the chorus fell into place. The spoken word at the beginning of this song is another story. We were tracking vocals for ‘Who Is Like the Lord’ and, for some reason, the song wasn’t hitting us the way it used to. After a couple of hours swapping out new words and phrases, we decided to take a break to get a fresh perspective. Our producer sarcastically said, ‘I don’t know man. Maybe we should just forget singing and do a spoken word or something. Haha!’ At that moment something clicked, and I told Ben to mute the vocals of the track and play it from the beginning. What happened next is what you hear on the record. We took a few freestyle passes, kept the phrases we liked, and pieced it together. It was amazing how one of the most frustrating moments of recording turned into one of the most powerful moments on the project.”Pat Barrett

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