We’re happy to announce the release of our new record Wooden Heart. It’s been the culmination of several years of hard work and touring and more touring. Thank you so much for your support. This is what we have to offer you…from our travels and experiences and findings, living life one day at a time. We pour it all in to our hearts and what comes out is this. The official release date is July 6th 2010. We are going to offer it for the first time at the Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois. You can pre-order the album starting yesterday. When you pre-order the album from our bandcamp site you will get an instant download of the album and all the songs as poems too. All pre-orders will get a limited edition album poster as well with their order…and probably some stickers and whatever we have laying around….while those things last. Please help us spread the word to your friends and families and communities. We’ve played in front of a ton of people over the past many years and we’re gonna put this one out ourselves so any help you can give in sending out updates to your people…twitters, handwritten letters, smoke signals, etc that would be appreciated Just say: “hey, remember those guys who were awesome at that show…well they have a new record to give you.” Thanks. If you have a blog or a friend who reviews records or a site or mag or radio station or wherever we need to be in please get a hold of us and we’ll get them the music (dan@iamlistener.com)

<A style=”FONT-FAMILY: Times New Roman, Times, serif; COLOR: #666666; FONT-SIZE: 11px; TEXT-DECORATION: underline” title=http://listener.bandcamp.com/album/wooden-heart href=”http://listener.bandcamp.com/album/wooden-heart”>You have never lived because you have never died by listener</A>

Click on the album artwork to be taken to the streaming site where you can listen, download & pre-order the album. If you’re going to Cornerstone…pre-order the album, listen all the way there and memorize the words, and we’ll give it to you with our very hands. Use coupon code: “cstone10” to take the shipping costs off.

We are on tour right now….lots of it. All over the place, even your city. We’ll be there too. It’s called the Wooden Hearts Tour. You can stay up to date on all of that from our shows page…and you can even subscribe to our tour calendar on your desktop calendar to know when we’ll be there and where we are at if we’re not there. This is the most up to date of our shows. We’ll try and have a routing list up on the front, but sometimes that changes. If you would like to help bring us to your town please email me here and we’ll make it happen (dan@iamlistener.com). Right now we are on the road with the Homeless Gospel Choir from Pittsburgh, and Listener’s very own Christin Nelson. We’re right smack in the middle of a 6 month run of dates, and well you’ve been so beautiful to us. We really appreciate everyone who has been coming to our shows and showing support. We feel really loved. Thanks for helping us out, and helping out Talk Music, and we hope you like the new record and our new show. You can follow us on Twitter, our Facebook, Myspace, and even our proper 24 hour a day website. Thanks a million. See you soon!!

Tour dates…both tentative and set:

sun jun 13 – Asheville, NC (Flood Gallery)
thu jun 17 – Atlanta, GA (Star Bar)
fri jun 18 – Winfield, AL (Alisha’s House)
sat jun 19 – Memphis, TN (TBA)
sun jun 20 – Fayetteville, AR – (The Living Room)
wed jun 23 – Joplin, MO (House Show)
fri jun 25 – Camdenton, MO (The Warehouse)
sat jun 26 – Champaign, IL (Dan Akroyd’s House)
sun jun 27 – McKinaw, IL (Momma Linda’s House)
mon jun 28 – Cornerstone Festival (Solace Stage 4:30)
wed jun 30 – Cornerstone Festival (Jesus Village Stage 6:00PM)
thu jul 01 – Cornerstone Festival (Raging Storm Stage 6:45PM)
fri jul 02 – Cornerstone Festival (Arkansas Stage 5:00PM)
sat jul 03 – Cornerstone Festival (Underground Stage 5:00PM)
tue jul 06 – Rockford, IL (Stuarts Coffee)
wed jul 07 – Chicago, IL or Fort Wayne, IN
thu jul 08 – Indianapolis, IN
fri jul 09 – Owensboro, KY
sat jul 10 – Nashville, TN (Humankind)
sun jul 11 – Chattanooga, TN
wed jul 14 – Johnson City, TN
thu jul 15 – Asheville, NC
fri jul 16 – 96, SC (Homemade Genius)
sat jul 17 – Columbia, SC (Tommy’s)
sun jul 18 – Greenville, SC
wed jul 21 – Atlanta, GA
thu jul 22 – Jacksonville, FL
fri jul 23 – Jacksonville, FL
sat jul 24 – Orlando, FL (Redlight Redlight)
sun jul 25 – Miami, FL
tue jul 27 – Miami, FL

wed jul 28 – Sarasota, FL
thu jul 29 – Clearwater, FL
fri jul 30 – Tampa, FL
sat jul 31 – Tampa, FL
sun aug 01 – Lakeland, FL (Polk Museum of Art)
wed aug 04 – Pensacola, FL (House Show)
thu aug 05 – Foley, AL (The Back Door Coffee House)
fri aug 06 – Pensacola, FL
sat aug 07 – Baton Rouge, LA
sun aug 08 – New Orleans, LA
wed aug 11 – Houston, TX
thu aug 12 – San Antonio, TX (Pedicab)
fri aug 13 – Austin, TX
sat aug 14 – Austin, TX
sun aug 15 – Dallas, TX
tue aug 17 – Lubbock, TX
wed aug 18 – Albuquerque, NM
thu aug 19 – Pueblo, CO
fri aug 20 – Florrisant, CO (The Nature Place)
sat aug 21 – Colorado Springs, CO
sun aug 22 – Woodland Park, CO
wed aug 25 – Denver, CO
thu aug 26 – Greeley, CO
fri aug 27 – Bismark, ND
sat aug 28 – Fargo, ND
sun aug 29 – Bemidji, MN
tue aug 31 – Minneapolis, MN
wed sep 01 – Rochester, MN
thu sep 02 – Northfield, MN
fri sep 03 – Sioux Falls, SD (Lifelight Festival)
sat sep 04 – Sioux Falls, SD (Lifelight Festival)
sun sep 05 – Sioux Falls, SD (Lifelight Fest 1:30PM)
…and more to come come for 2010 after these!!


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