Hey, it’s Dan Smith from the band Listener. Hope you’re day is going ok, and that you slept well. Most of the time we don’t have people to ask us how we sleep, and so on tour Chris and I like to take turns watching each other sleep so we know for sure if we slept well. Time for coffee….

There have been a lot of new things happening in our world, including the triumphant return of the McRib, and also cool new Listener stuff. To name a few: You can download, share, and have the Wooden Heart Poems for free from our Bandcamp page here. We also played a ton of shows this year in support of our latest record Wooden Heart, which included two runs up in Ontario. Some friends of ours recorded the house show so well, I wanted to share it with you (video to the right, or a click here). We had decided to do a 6 month tour, and we did it, and we’re alive, and we loved every minute we got to spend with you. It was incredible, and we have taken a break for about a month. I got to spend some time in my new home in Atlanta, as well as a great vacation to the Grand Canyon with my family. We stopped by the Hoover Dam, and a million other places. The map image up top was from the Hoover Dam Tour!

Chris has been in Nevada with family and up in Pennsylvania hanging with friends to record their new record. I am on a tour by myself for a couple weeks on my way out west to meet up with Chris and his family for Thanksgiving and to record a little bit and then finish up the Wooden Hearts Tour out on the west coast. We have most of the dates listed on the website, and some are TBA, and some are done and ready to go. It would be awesome to see you if you have the night available. Hey, if you can help with a show in one of the cities I have listed and we don’t have a venue or if you are in a city nearby our routing shoot me an email: (dan@iamlistener.com). We book our own shows, and so we’re always looking for new cities and places to play, so if you would like to see us play a show in your city next year email me too…send me your city and phone number and an email about it all. We would always rather play the places and cities where we are wanted.

A couple months ago I flew out to Atlanta from our tour for a few days to record a song with a band called The Chariot for their new record. The song is called David De La Hoz, and we shot a video for it to. You can watch it to the left if it shows up, or click here. I had a great time at the studio and hanging out with those guys. If you haven’t heard of them you should check them out, they are incredible and also on a tour and their live show is really amazing. We got to meet them all at the Cornerstone music festival this last summer and saw them play, and I hope maybe we can do a tour together and play this song out live in the new year. They have a myspace page here: http://myspace.com/thechariot. They have a new record coming out on November 22nd, and you should pick it up now on their website or on that day.

So, we have just started this tour and I have played 3 shows already on it. Nashville, Memphis and Poplar Bluff Missouri. Tonight is Searcy Arkansas…..and I think it’s gonna be a humdinger. Below is the list of dates and venues. Chris is gonna join for the Las Vegas shows and on and be opening up with his solo project. You can listen to his music here…..Chris makes all the music for Listener. Shoot me an email if you can help with a TBA date….in most cases we’ve got someone working on it, but I haven’t gotten their confirmation for where and what time…but you never know.

Nov 16 – Midlothian, TX (Lighthouse Coffee Bar)
Nov 17 – Lubbock, TX (Bash Riprocks)
Nov 18 – Hobbs, NM (Center for the Arts)
Nov 19 – Las Cruces, NM (El Tiburon)
Nov 20 – Tucson, AZ (TBA)
Nov 21 – Glendal, AZ (Trinity Mennonite)
Nov 26 – Las Vegas, NV (Sunrise Coffee)
Nov 27 – Pasadena, CA (CalTech)
Nov 28 – San Diego, CA (The Kava Lounge)
Dec 01 – Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
Dec 02 – Highland, CA (Church of the Valley)
Dec 03 – San Francisco, CA (TBA)
Dec 04 – Portland, OR (TBA)
Dec 05 – Portland, OR (Backspace Cafe)
Dec 07 – Olympia, WA (The Royal Lounge)
Dec 08 – Bellingham, WA (Whatcom Community College)
Dec 09 – Seattle, WA (TBA)
Dec 10 – Centralia, WA (The Quesadilla Factory)
Dec 11 – Spokane, WA (TBA)
Dec 12 – Boise, ID (TBA)
Dec 15 – Salt Lake City, UT (TBA)
Dec 16 – Grand Junction, CO (TBA)
Dec 17 – Colorado Springs, CO (TBA)
Dec 18 – Woodland Park, CO (NCCF Building)
Dec 19 – Denver, CO (TBA)

We have all new Souvenirs and Memorabilia in stock and all the sizes of our shirts and hoodies are back in. We also have bandanas and leather visors in stock. All of it is only available while we have it, and we have a month of shows still left here. I print all of our stuff on my screen printing press back home so there’s only so much I can do…..so buy it now if you want it. Oh yeah, my buddy Nate found a box of our Christmas CD in his attic and we have that available too…it makes a great christmas gift and there’s maybe 100 left and when it’s gone it’s gone. Click on the image below, or go to this link here.

We have twitter accounts you can follow if you have one too: twitter.com/listener (for the band)
twitter.com/thedancemyth (for dan smith)
twitter.com/fienix (for chris nelson)

Also we have a facebook page you can look at: facebook.com/listener

We love you and we appreciate you. Have a great day. It’s a good day to be alive.


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