Still in Pre-sales Moves to No. 8 on Amazon DVD Overall Best Seller List

The highly anticipated Christian film, The Genesis Code DVD, hit #1 on the Amazon Kids and Family Best Seller List ( amongst top DVD releases such as We Bought a Zoo, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The independent film is outselling large studio films and hit #1 on the Faith and Spirituality Amazon Best Seller List (  It is outperforming films like Courageous, The Help, Jerusalem Countdown, and the special edition release of The Ten Commandments.

The film from American Epic Entertainment, calls Christians to renew their faith in God to become more engaged in publicly defending the Biblical explanation of creation and speaking up against the cultural trend to silence Christians.

“I’m ecstatic to see the DVD doing so well” said Executive Producer and star of The Genesis Code, Reverend Jerry Zandstra. “It’s been remarkable to see the DVD climb the charts and hit number One even before our release date on May 8.  We are going head to head with Hollywood blockbuster films and coming out on top.  We are excited to see this movie touch as many lives as possible. ”

The Genesis Code is an independent faith-based film which highlights the intersection of science and faith as well as other issues facing Christians today. The film stars Logan Bartholomew and Kelsey Sanders as college students whose chance meeting leads to a burgeoning relationship and a journey of spiritual discovery. The supporting cast includes Oscar-winners Louise Fletcher and Ernest Borgnine, former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, and Reverend Jerry Zandstra, who also served as the executive producer.

Exploring three major issues facing Christians today, The Genesis Code tackles the alleged conflict between religious and scientific explanations for the beginning of the universe.  The film also explores the often ignored story of discrimination against Christians on college campuses, while dealing with end-of-life issues portrayed through Logan Bartholomew’s character as he fights to prolong the life of his comatose mother when his grandparents attempt to remove her from life support against his wishes and despite the possibility of recovery.

The Genesis Code will be available on DVD nationwide on May 8, 2012.  An American Epic Entertainment production, The Genesis Code DVD is distributed by Entertainment One. For more information, please visit,


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