The Board, an emotionally-gripping film produced by Bethesda Baptist Church, will be featured during this holiday season in two upcoming Christmas television specials from Uptone Pictures. The film will be showcased in broadcast ad spots running nationally in conjunction with Christmas Memories and Christmas on Highway 101.

Uptone Pictures Christmas Memories is collection of heart-warming stories of days gone by. The groundbreaking film was released on DVD in 2007 and is gearing up for its third year as a nationally-televised holiday special. Christmas Memories features an assortment of vintage 8mm and 16mm home movies uniquely woven together to tell humorous and heartwarming stories about favorite Christmas memories. The 30-minute television special will air during the holidays beginning around Thanksgiving and running through Christmas (check local listings). Showcasing a few stories from the collection, the special will air in over 100 markets on the CW Network, as well as national airings on a variety of television networks including INSP, iLife-TV, NRB Network, Faith TV, INI, CTS (Canada), The Miracle Channel, Sky Angel and dozens of independent stations and network affiliates. For more information, please visit:

Following in the rich tradition of Christmas Memories, Uptone Pictures just wrapped up production on a brand new holiday special, Christmas on Highway 101.  Highlighting a collection of heart-warming stories and awe inspiring music from the Grammy nominated band, Highway 101, Christmas on Highway 101 savors the sights and sounds of everyone’s favorite time of year with Cactus, Curtis, Andy and Nikki, recalling their favorite stories while singing their favorite songs from the holiday season. Featuring guest star Wynona Judd, Christmas on Highway 101 is a compilation of Christmas merriment that offers something for the whole family to enjoy. A televised 30-minute special of Christmas on Highway 101 will also hit networks nationwide this holiday season (check your local listings) along with an album and DVD release in November 2009. For more information, please visit

A perfect accompaniment to these holiday specials, The Board has been touching the lives of thousands with its soul-searching examination of good and evil since its release to DVD on August 4, 2009.  A dynamic story of internal struggles, The Board tells the poignant story of how God speaks to each person’s soul. While exploring the personal conflicts within, as represented by a board of directors, Mind, Emotion, Will, Memory, Conscience and Heart, The Board has enlightened discussions in and out of homes and churches all across America.

“All of us at Uptone Pictures are very excited about working on The Board project,” says Michael Davis, president & CEO of Uptone Pictures. “Having them in our Christmas specials is an extension of our support, commitment and ongoing relationship in making The Board as widely known as possible.”

To view a trailer of the movie, please visit or for more information call 317-852-3101. For additional press materials about The Board DVD, please visit the official online press room at

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